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Q: What does frequency mean in mathematical from?
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What is mathematical frequency?


Mathematical relation between frequency and wavelenghth?

frequency = speed of light/wavelength

What is the mathematical relationship between frequency wavelenght and wave speed?

Speed = frequency x wavelength.

5.1 waves crash onto a beach every 39.9 s What is their frequency?

Well, ask yourself what frequency is, not even necessarily in a mathematical sense. The frequency that something occurs is how often is happens. In a mathematical sense, frequency is just that, in terms of seconds. So the frequency in this case is 5.1/39.9s or roughly 0.128

What does about mean in mathematical terms?

about in mathematical terms mean to round!

What does logical mathematical mean?

what do the word logical mathematical mean

In Mathematical terms what does the term weighted average mean?

In mathematical terms a weighted average is one which takes account of the popularity or frequency that particular numbers appear in the collection that is being averaged. It is considered to give a more realistic average.

What mathematical symbol is used for the period of a wave?

The symbol is f, for frequency.

What is the mathematical relationship between frequency and energy?

E=hv where E is energy, v is frequency, and h is 6.626x10^-34 relates the energy of a photon to the photon's frequency.

Frequency and cumulative frequency are two types of what?

Frequency and cumulative frequency are two types of frequency distributions. These are frequency tables that show statistical data for different types of frequencies that include absolute, relative, and cumulative frequencies. There are mathematical formulas used to calculate these frequencies.

Where can one purchase a frequency table?

A frequency table is not something that one can purchase. This is a mathematical table that is used for statistics. One can find much more detail about frequency tables on the Wikipedia website.

What does express mean in mathematical terms?

It means "a Mathematical Expression".