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Q: What does further deponent saith naught mean?
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What does naught for naught mean?

It means that it was all for nothing. Naught means nothing.

What does But all for naught mean?

It means that it was all for nothing. Naught means nothing.

What is the Latin for he will desrve?

Merebit; merebitur. ('Mereo' and the deponent 'mereor' mean the same thing, to deserve.)

What is held for naught mean?

Not valid and deem denie

What does naught exactly mean?

The word "naught" has many meanings. When used as an adjective, it means that something is worthless. If it is used as a proverb it means "nothing" or "zero."

What does thus saith mean?


What does saith mean in Welsh?


What does the word nothing mean?

no thing; not anything; naught or nonexistence; nothingness

Is there a naught bear curse?

naught bear? do you mean night bear? and 1: stop watching sponge bob 2: depends on what curse you mean like things can cause a bear to attack etc.

What does not gone for naught mean?

"Not gone for naught" means that something has not been wasted or been without purpose. It implies that efforts or actions have had a positive impact or outcome, even if it may not have been immediately apparent.

What does naught could remove mean?

It means: Which could be ended by nothing but their children's death.

What does comest thou hither naught mean?

Absolutely nothing. You were doing fine until the word "naught". "Thou comest" is the singular form of "you come" which is now somewhat obsolete. Reversing the order into "comest thou" makes it a question, as "Are you coming" is the question form of "You are coming". "Hither" means "toward here" or "toward me", although the direction is already implied by the use of the word "come". Thus "Comest thou hither" means the same as "Are you coming here" which is all well and good. But the word "naught" means "nothing", so "Comest thou hither naught" means "Are you coming here nothing." which means . . . naught.