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In one word: PERSISTENCE!

Broken down: This means the ability to stand one's ground despite all oppositions and obstacles. Thomas Edison was a genius - he was able, despite the so much ridicule from all sides, to "hold on" till he found the solution to the incandescent lamp. He persisted.

This could also be seen from Einstein's famous quote: "Great Spirits often encounter violent oppositions from mediocre minds."

By Great Spirits, he was implying Geniuses. And how does it feel when you are violently opposed? Joyful? Painful?

Not everybody can take those violent oppositions.

Those who take them, yet continuing on their tracks always come out Geniuses.

The ability to take infinite pains should not be interpreted literally.

The perception must focus on the fact that Geniuses have convictions (sometimes contradictory to normally acceptable views) which they would never trade for anything at all until they prove their convictions to be right - at least to the majority of the people.

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Q: What does genius is the capacity to take infinite pains mean?
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