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When a horse is newly trained!

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Q: What does green broke mean?
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What is green broke?

GREEN BROKE: when a horse is haulter trained but you cant get a saddle on them

What does green broke mean in horses?

Green broke means the horse has very little experience under saddle (or being ridden). To put it more plainly the horse has just started to be ridden with a rider. Most green broke horses need experienced riders to further their training and to build their confidence.

What is green broke mean?

it is in reference to horses

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When talking about a horse what does green mean?

It means the horse is barely saddle broke. It's meaning can range from its had a saddle on it, but no rider, to its had a rider a few times.

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What does it mean if a horse is broke?

Broke is a term that means the horse will now accept a saddle and possibly rider. The term can vary and be adapted for many things, such as some could say their horse is 'green broke' which means the horse has just started it's training. Another usage could be 'dead broke' which means the horse is well trained and calm under saddle. There are many uses for the word.

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