What does gridline mean?

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it meanthat this website stinks

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Q: What does gridline mean?
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What is a horizontal or vertical line that extends across the plot area on a chart?


What is a dark rectangle that outlines the cell in which you are working in Microsoft excel?

If it is the standard one that surrounds all cells, it is a gridline. If it is heavier and made to have the cell stand out, it would be a border.

Where can a Beckett oil burner be bought?

Beckett oil burners are available from Beckett directly as well as eComfort, Home Depot, ZORO Tools, PexSupply, Sears, Controls Central, Neobits, and Gridline Supply.

What is a gridline?

Actually, in geography, they are found in a street directory where the map is divided into squares. Each square is identified with a number at the top and bottom and letter at the sides. On a spreadsheet, they help show the outline of the cells, letting you see the rows and columns in it.

How did Arizona receive it's nickname?

If the question refers to the Grand Canyon State then it is by happinstance. Arizona was carved out of New Mexico Territory after a lot of thought struggle and bickering. At one time the plan was to divide New Mexico Territory on an East-West gridline with Arizona taking the bottom half. Had that been done, the Grand Canyon would be in New Mexico.

What are major gridlines?

Gridlines on a chart indicate values. You will see them on bar charts, column charts and others. Major gridlines show more significant values, like having a major gridline to indicate intervals of 10. So there would be on at 10, one at 20, one at 30 and so on. You can also have minor gridlines which will be thinner and could be at more frequent intervals.

What button do you hold down to key and drag the sizing handle to snap a chart border to a gridline?

Turn on the snap-to options:Click the chart in the worksheet.Under Drawing Tools on the Format tab, in the Arrange group, click Align.To position shapes or objects to the closest intersection of the grid, click Snap to Grid.You can override the snap-to setting by holding down the ALT key when you click and drag the chart.

Which task does the snap feature enable you to perform?

The Snap feature I'm aware of: When you are dragging something to a location on the screen, you have a choice of having it land absolutely anywhere (in which case you may have a hard time lining up multiple objects) OR if you select the Snap feature, the screen gets an invisible grid, and when you land something on the screen it will move over to the nearest grid line. Your desktop icons are snapped - you can locate an icon near a location but it will snap over to the nearest invisible gridline. Sometimes you get to choose the spacing of the gridlines.

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