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Okay - you have the expression 9h-21=24... It's telling you that something minus 21 is 24. The unknown value 9h must equal 21+24 (which is 45). Therefore the value of h is 5. 9x5=45. 45-21=24.

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Q: What does h equal in9h-21 equals 24?
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What is the answer to eight equals h plus twenty four?

To solve for h, you need to subtract 24 from both sides of the equal sign. -24 + 8=h, therefore h = 16

24 equals H in a D equals?

24 hours in a day. ■

If a equals 4 and h equals 5 what is a plus ha?


24 equals H in a D?

24 Hours in a Day

How would you check the equation 6h-7 equals 17?

6h - 7 = 17... The value of 6h MUST equal 24, since 24 - 7 = 17. Therefore h MUST equal 4, because 6 x 4 = 24.

What is the answer for three plus h over six equals seven?

3+h/6 7-3(h/6) 4(h/6) 4*6=24 24/6=4 4+3=7 Therefore the variable h equals 24

What is 8h plus 7 equals -113 What does h equal?

minus 15.

What is the answer to h plus twenty-four equals eight?

Since you need to reduce "24" to get to "8", "h" must be -16.

What does volume equal?

volume equals V=[L]x[W]x[H]

How many inches does 6 cm equal?

h i there 6cm equals 2.36220472 inch

What is 45-H equals 38?

45-h equals 38 = 7

What is 36-h equals 61?

36-h equals 61 = -25

Is a over one half h equal b the same as b equals 2a over h?

No, the second b is twice as much as the first b.

What does h equal when 8h plus 7 equals -113?

8h+7=-113 -113+7==106/8=h=-13.25 h=-13.25

Solve 4368 inches cubed equals 24in x w x h equals w plus 1?

4368/24 = 182 24 x 14 x 13 = 4368

What does h means 19-h-h equals 13?


What is h divided by 24?

It depends on the exact value of h, but, algebraically, the answer is h/24.

What is h over 20 equals 83 mean?

Means that h equals 1660.

What is this ditloid 4 equals H a h s o w a w?

4 equals H a h s o w a w? WHAT IS THE ANSWER

F varies jointly as g h and j One set of values is f equals 18 g equals 4 h equals 3 and j equals 5 Find f when g equals 5 h equals 12 and j equals 3?

f = 54

In E equals H V the H is known as?

The H equals 6.626 *10^-34 which is commonly known as Planck's constant.

What is a mix of hydrogen and oxygen called?

Well 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen equals water. Equal parts H and O equals hydrogen peroxide.

If a equals bh what is a if b equals 8 and h equals 4?


What is the answer to -h equals 14?

If -h = 14, then ... h = -14

What are the ordered pairs for h of1 equals 6 and h of 4 equals -3?

(1,6) and (4, -3).