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Identify each shape

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Q: What does identify each figure mean?
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What does identify property mean in math?

it means to figure out what kind of property it is

The snow danced around in the wind?

Heart of stone identify the figure of speech ting tong identify the figure of speech the snowflakes danced identify the figure of speech he ran like wind identify the figure of speech

What does identify the property mean?

There are different properties for each of the four basic operations. If you have to identify one, you just have to name it.

Identify and describe layer A in the figure above.?

We cannot do so without the figure

How do you identify a drought?

by the rainfall figure of course

What does figure in math mean?

your momma so fat that she thought 2 big macs in each hand was a diet!

Referring to the figure, identify the transformation that maps figure ABCDE onto figure STUVX?

ya' missed w

What types of triangles identify the figure?

You can shake the bed with me;)

How do you figure the variance on a group of numbers?

To figure the variance on a group of numbers, you must first figure out the mean, which is the average of the set. Then, substract the mean from each number in the set. Square the result of those substractions, and then average the squares. You will then have the variance.

Does adjacent mean across from each other?

No. 'Adjacent' means 'next to each other'. In a geometric figure, adjacent sides are touching.

Identify the figure of speech the rockets need to strengthen their bench?


How do you figure out mean absolute deviation?

Three steps:1. Find the mean of all values2. Find the distance of each value from that mean (subtract the mean from each value, ignore minus signs)3. Then find the mean of those distances