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It looks like its the heading on an exercise and it means for the given polygons name them. The polygons will either be pictures or descriptions (like "it has four equal sides and two pairs of parallel sides").

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What does identify each figure mean?

Identify each shape

What does it mean for a circle to be inscribed in a polygon?

the circle is tangent to each side of the polygon And it's located within the polygon

Why does each letter in a polygon name can only be used once?

because every point must have its own name to identify it from others.

Identify the polygon that is the shape of the US flag.?

It is a rectangle.

Which term describes a polygon with no dents in it?

A convex polygon.I suspect that what you mean is a convex polygon.

Identify the biconditional what conditional If a polygon has 4 sides then it is a quadrilateral?

A polygon has 4 sides if and only if it is a quadrilateral.

What is formed at each vertex of the polygon?

An angle is formed at each vertex of a polygon.

What does identify the property mean?

There are different properties for each of the four basic operations. If you have to identify one, you just have to name it.

Draw an example of each polygon How many sides and vertices does each one have?

draw an example of each polygon

What regular polygon has iterior angle 172?

If you mean a regular polygon with each interior angle being 172 degrees then it will have 45 sides or a 45-agon

What does parallel lines mean in a polygon?

Lines that never touch and are equal distance from each other.

A circle inside a polygon where each side of the polygon is tangent to the circle?

the circle is inscribed in the polygon

What is a solid with a polygon for each face?

A solid with a regular polygon for each face is known as a perfect solid.

Are each of the interior angles of a polygon equal?

Only if it is a regular polygon.

How do you form a frequency polygon from a frequency diagram?

Identify the midpoint of the top of each bar of the frequency diagram. Join these together and they will form a frequency polygon. Sometimes the polygon is extended down to the horizontal axis to where the midpoints of the bar before the first bar would have been and where the bar after the last bar would have been.

How can you tell a regular polygon is a regular polygon?

Each of the sides are the same length, and each of the internal angles are identical.

Name each polygon tell if it appears to be a regular polygon?

It is not possible to name each polygon since there are infinitely many of them. There is no relationship between whether a polygon is regular and the number of sides or angles that it has. So, there is no way to determine, from its name, if a polygon is regular.

What is a polyon?

Do you mean a polygon? A polygon is a two-dimensional figure.

What does 5 mean in polygon?

A polygon that has 5 sides is a pentagon

What does it mean to have a polygon?

A polygon is a shape with multiple sides. For example, a triangle is a polygon with 3 sides.

If a circle is tangent to each side of a given polygon then?

the circle is inscribed in the polygon :]

What is a equal sided shape called?

A regular polygon has equal lengths of each side, AND the same angle between each of the sides. A Square is a polygon, an equilateral triangle is a polygon, a pentagon is a five - sided polygon, and so on.

What type of polygon has measures of 60 degrees in each angle?

An equilateral triangle is a polygon that has a measure of 60o for each angle.

What is each interior angle of a 12 sided polygon?

Each interior angle in 12-sided polygon is 150 degrees.

What does equilangular mean?

An equilangular polygon is a polygon who's angles are equal.

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