What does ignoble mean?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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The word ignoble means being dishonorable, base, or vile. It also can mean acting in a way that is shamefully or dastardly.

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Q: What does ignoble mean?
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Could you give a sentence using the word ignoble in it?

Ignoble can mean not honorable, or humble. He came from ignoble birth. He is an ignoble man and cannot be trusted.

What word can mean both signify and ignoble?

MEAN ignoble - being mean signify - mean

What is the definition of the term 'ignoble'?

The definition of the term "ignoble" is: not noble; mean. Some synonyms of ignoble are: mean, petty, wretched, shameless, despicable, unworthy, and vile.

What world can mean both signify and ignoble?

Not noble

Use Ignoble in a sentence?

The old Indian caste system in which untouchables were supposed to be ignoble was ignoble.

What is a sentence for the word ignoble?

His last act was unfortunately an ignoble one.

What is an example sentence for Ignoble?

That ignoble hawk was after my pet hamster.

Make a sentence using the word ignoble?

Don't believe on her bogus talks, she is ignoble .

What are the release dates for Ignoble - 2005?

Ignoble - 2005 was released on: USA: 18 August 2005

Can anyone give you a sentence with the word ignoble in it?

The public behavior of the Roman Emperor Caligula was considered ignoble by traditional Romans.

A sentence using ignoble?


What is the antonym for ignoble?

That would be "noble".