What does image mean in math?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What does image mean in math?
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What does mirror image mean in math terms?

Line of symmetry

What does reflection mean in math terms?

It means that when it is flipped over an axis and the image is essentially a mirror image or reflection of what it was.

What does image mean in math term?

It is an exact replica of an shape on agraph only in a different area of the coordinate plane.

What is it called after transformation in math?

The image.

What does the word Scale factor mean in math?

the number used to muliplpy the lengths of a figure to stretch or shrink it to a similar image.

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What math term means copy of an original figure?


What are the three types of dilations in math?

The three types of dilations are an enlarged image (the image is larger than the preimage), a reduced image (the image is smaller than the preimage) and an equal image (the image is the same size as the preimage).

What does length mean in math?

What does length mean in math

What are the three transformations of math?

The 3 transformations of math are: translation, reflection and rotation. These are the well known ones. There is a fourth, dilation, in which the pre image is the same shape as the image, but the same size in the world

What is definition of image in math?

The figure that results from some transformation of a figure. It is often of interest to consider what is the same and what is different about a figure and its image EX: original Image

The meaning of reflection the math term?

a reflection is the image of the object in a mirror