What does impounded mean?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Several meanings, related to the idea of "holding something in custody". Check the English Wiktionary for more details.

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Q: What does impounded mean?
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If my car wasn't impounded when I was arrested for a DUI can I get the charges dropped for that reason?

No. The car isn't usually impounded anyway, and the fact that they didn't doesn't mean you weren't caught DUI.

Can a unregistered car be impounded?

yeah any car can be impounded

Can a vehicle be impounded or forfeited for a dui?

Not only can it, it almost certainly will be (impounded, at least).

Should street dogs killed or impounded?

dogs should get impounded instead of getting killed.

Your car was impounded and your husband had extraordinary license inclusive have you got rights what can you do?

Not enough information is supplied about the reason for the vehicle impoundment.For instance - was it impounded as evidence? Was it impounded as being used in a crime? Was it impounded as an unsafe vehicle? Was it seized for drugs? Was it seized pursuant to an arrest for DUI?

What are the geological condition affecting impounded surface water?

The geological condition affecting impounded surface water is flooding or flash flooding. Another term for impounded surface water is drainage basin.

What is the meaning of impounded?

of Impound

Proof that the car was impounded?

Contact local police station in the town where the car was impounded. they should have that information available

How can you find out if your car has been impounded?

Call 911 to report the car stolen. If it has been repo'd or impounded they will tell you.

IS THE DRIVER OR OWNER responsible for an impounded car?

Legally it is the owner. Morally it would be whoever caused it to be impounded in the first place.

What is impounded surface water?

Impounded surface water is water held behind a dam in the reservoir that the structure creates behind it.

If the owner was not involved can the police have a hold on an impounded vehicle?

Yes, if your car is related in an accident or crime it can be impounded for being part of it.