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Q: What does in dc means in shipping terms?
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What does add mean in shipping terms?

it means to take care of the shipping and respect the terms

In shipping Terms what is a CPA?

CPA in shipping means Charter Party Agreement

What does FCO means in shipping terms?

FCO in shipping terms stands for full corporate offer. There are many abbreviations associated with shipping in a business setting.


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What does ROG mean in shipping terms?

ROG Shipping means that the discount period does not start until the buyer receives the product from the shipping company.

What is DC in payments terms?

dc means deccan chronical news paper agency in India.

What does CIF mean in shipping terms?

CIF means Cost Insurance and Freight, which means the seller pays to get the load to its destination. The alternate is FOB--Free On Board--which means the buyer pays the freight and insurance.

What does fot mean in shipping terms?

It means "Free on Truck". Rgds S Manoj

Where did AC DC come from?

In electrical terms AC means alternate current and DC means direct current. AC/DC comes from Australia (Perth and Sydney) even though most of them have Scottish heritage.

What does ADA and WOG means in shipping terms?

Ada= all details about wog= without guarantee

What does In DC mean for shipping?

documentary credit

What does CIP mean in shipping terms?

In shipping terms, the acronym CIP stands for "carriage and insurance paid to". This means the seller pays the carrier (such as FedEx) the shipping rate to get the product to the buyer. The seller also pays the insurance premium that covers damages to or loss of the shipment.