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index is the same as power

The index of a number say how many times you have to use the number in a multiplictaion.



10 = 10*10=100

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What does epression mean in maths?

A expression in maths is a collection of terms without an equality sign.

What does duck mean in maths terms?

For answer see http://mathsduck.co.uk/

What does horizontal mean in maths terms?

it is across, like the horizon.

What does the maths word indices mean?

Indices is the plural of index. In mathematics, the index most commonly refers to the exponent or a degree of an nth root.

What does terminated mean in maths terms?

Terminated means stopped or ended.

What does in terms of mean in maths?

Mean means Average of a particular distribution Mean means Average of a particular distribution

What does layout mean?

well in literacy terms it means the way its set out like in a book or something not sure if there is a maths terms one though im not good at maths and I aint kidding

What is index in maths?

It's the number power.

What does interpret mean in maths terms?

Interpret means to explain something like to explain remainders

What does numerical mean in math terms?

its got tod od somthing about maths that's all i know

What is the standard index form of 450 in maths?

The correct answer is 4.5 × 102

How maths terms combination and permutation apply in chemistry?

The Maths terms combination and permutation apply in chemistry when making the expected industrial calculation.

What does LCM mean in maths terms?

it means lowest common multiple. the opposite to it is hcf or highest common factor ^_^

What does accurate mean in maths terms?

In mathematics, accurate means that you get the correct answer, or, if using imprecise processes, that you get close to the real answer.

What does index form mean in maths?

Index form in math means exponents. For example: 2x2x2x2x2x2 will be changed to 2 to the 6th power (2 with the little 6 on the top right.) Hope i helped.☺♥

What does the word indicies mean in maths?

Indices (not indicies) have two meanings: one is powers. In the expression x3, the 3 is an index. The second meaning is a counter. If you have five observations and they are labelled X1, X2, ... , X5 then the numbers in Xn is an index.

What does simplify mean in math terms?

Simplifying in maths means exactly that: making it less complicated, and reducing it to the fewest terms necessary.

What does the word timble mean?

The thing you put on your index finger while sewing. In Peter Pan terms, a kiss.

What does term to term mean in maths?

it means more like meanings EX:what does mean mean in math meanings or what does mean mean in math terms . so its more like a different way to say it

Why is English better than maths and what is your opinion?

because there is no mathematical terms in English and maths tends to suck anyway

What does fractional index mean?

A power with a rational exponent m/n in lowest terms satisfies : whenever this makes sense.

What does triangle mean in maths terms?

i have algebra and all it means is a shape with 3 sides...and 3 vertices! just like 2nd grade!

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