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Influential means having the ability to determine, control or persuade. It is often used for political and social figures who are experienced, respected, and able to get things done.

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Q: What does influential mean?
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Who was influential during W W II and how are they?

the influential they gave ys was mean

What does the expression silvertail mean?

A rich and influential person.

Who is Oceola?

If you mean Osceola, he was an influential leader of the Seminole people in Florida.

What does make his mark mean?

It means that he becomes noticed in a field; his work is influential

How do you spell influential?


What are the comparative and superlative of the word influential?

more influential, most influential

How do you use the word influential-in a sentence?

He always was influential to her.The song was very influential.

Was Harriet Tubman influential in society?

she was influential

Words that mean the same as inspirational?

motivational,uplifting,arousing,captivating and influential(though strictlysynonyms)

How is Muhammad influential?

Muhammad Ali was very influential.

What is a influential person that starts with an S?

A supervisor is an influential person.

How do you use influential in a sentence?

Mrs. Sterdt is very influential.

What is the most influential control of soil formation?

The single most influential control of soil formation is CLIMATE. There are also other variables that are influential, however, climate is the MOST influential.Hope that is what you were wanting

What is the verb for influential?

The verb for influential is influence. As in "to influence something or someone".

Why were Spencers books referred to as influential?

Why were Spencer books referred to as influential

What is a sentence for the word Influential?

Several influential public officials had backed the program from its inception. The ex-President remained influential in determining his party's policies. The warmer climate was influential in establishing the biodiversity of the region.

What does G 20 mean in regard to countries?

The G20 are the twenty most ecocnomically influential/powerful countries in the world

Who is Jean Paul Sartre?

he was an influential writer and thinker he was an influential writer and thinker

Is Gloria estefan an influential person?

Gloria Estefan is a very influential person.

Are NASA influential?

Sure. If you consider putting the first man on the moon influential.

Most influential person in the world?

There are several influential persons in the world today. Two examples of the most influential are the Pope and the president of the United States.

The Ottoman Empire was the largest and most influential Christian empire?

No, the Ottoman Empire was not the largest and most influential Christian empire. It was a large and influential Islamic empire.

How was Albert Einstein so influential?

albert einstein was so influential in science by a spiteball

What was not influential in creating the Articles of Confederation?

The Declaration of Independence was not influential in creating the Articles of Confederation.

How influential would you rate AMA in the legislative process?

Zero, nil, not at all influential.