What does inkling mean?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Inkling (noun)- a ligh suggestion or indication; a hint

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Q: What does inkling mean?
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Does inkling mean a slight suspicion or hint?

Yes to both.

What is a sentence for inkling?

The test takers had no inkling of what the answer was.

What is a sentence using the word inkling?

I certainly have no inkling as to where to find your example. No, a baby squid is not called an "inkling".

What is inkling?

Inkling is a hint, clue, idea, or notion. As in, "I haven't a clue what you're talking about."

How would you use inkling in a sentence?

She had an inkling that something was wrong when her usually punctual friend didn't show up on time.

A sentence for the word inkling?

a detective needs inkling to solve a mystery

A slight suspicion or hint?


What is A slight suspicion or hint?

an inkling

What is it called when you dont like the feel of certain thing?

Well, If you mean you have a bad feeling about something, I think its called an 'Inkling' Like: "Hey, I dont like the look of this, Im getting an inkling" or, if you dont like the Physical Feel of something, Its called disliking something, or its uncomfortable

What is the synonyms of hunch?

premonition presupposition inkling

Is a baby fountain pen an inkling?

No, a baby fountain pen is not an inkling. An inkling refers to a small or slight idea or understanding, whereas a baby fountain pen is a smaller-sized fountain pen designed for easier handling by children or those with smaller hands.

What type of books does Inkling sell?

Inkling sells books that are intended to educate someone in certain subjects. They carry no fiction titles and their books range from art books to parenting tips.