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that you're stupid

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Q: What does it mean if GPA has a negative correlation with performance?
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If grade point average rises as number of hours watching television falls the correlation between GPA and TV viewing is?


What is GPA for school?

Grade Point Average, a scale based on your performance in school

Where can you find scholarships for low GPA students?

There are some grants available for school that do not have a correlation with your GPA. Try asking your financial aid department at school which grants are available and best for you.

In a correlation between student cumulative GPA and the number of hours spent on school work each week which one would be the x variable?

When one is likely to be the cause of the other, you generally make it the x variable. Y is the dependent variable. In this case, the correlation would indicate that more time doing schoolwork leads to a higher GPA. Schoolwork is the x, or independent variable. GPA is the y variable, because grades depend on doing schoolwork.

What is the GPA at UCSB?

freshmen admitted (48%) had 4.01 GPA. enrolled had 3.85, transfered had 3.14 mean GPA

What is the required GPA to get into UW oshkosh?

what is the required GPA for entering uwoshkosh

What does it mean if you have a 2.68 GPA?

It depends on the context. A 2.68 GPA is average, but not desirable to colleges.

What does 1.2 GPA mean in grades?


Example of correlational research?

AnswerIn a negative correlation, as the values of one of the variables increase, the values of the second variable decrease. Likewise, as the value of one of the variables decreases, the value of the other variable increases. This is still a correlation. It is like an "inverse" correlation. The word "negative" is a label that shows the direction of the correlation.There is a negative correlation between TV viewing and class grades-students who spend more time watching TV tend to have lower grades (or phrased as students with higher grades tend to spend less time watching TV).Here are some other examples of negative correlations:1. Education and years in jail-people who have more years of education tend to have fewer years in jail (or phrased as people with more years in jail tend to have fewer years of education)2. Crying and being held-among babies, those who are held more tend to cry less (or phrased as babies who are held less tend to cry more)We can also plot the grades and TV viewing data, shown in the table below. The scatterplot below shows the sample data from the table. The line on the scatterplot shows what a negative correlation looks like. Any negative correlation will have a line with that direction.Participant GPA TV in hours per week #1 3.1 14 #2 2.4 10 #3 2.0 20 #4 3.8 7 #5 2.2 25 #6 3.4 9 #7 2.9 15 #8 3.2 13 #9 3.7 4 #10 3.5 21In this sample, the correlation is -.63.

What does the abbreviation GPA mean?

Grade Point Average

What does a 2.00 GPA mean?

That you are not getting into a decent College.

What does 2.75 GPa mean in term of grades?