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It is normal for most females to have a discharge from puberty through and after menopause.

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Q: What does it mean if you have a white discharge all of the time?
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What it mean if you have white discharge after your period?

White discharge after your period means that you're a normal healthy female. Females are supposed to have discharge all the time as it's how the vagina stays clean.

What does it mean when you have a stringy white discharge before and during your period?

This means nothing hun and is normal. It does happen sometimes and you may get this discharge during all of your periods.

What does a sudden discharge mean?

You ejaculate without any feeling at all, at a random time

What does it mean when a woman has a watery white discharge from breast?

It is normal for a woman to have discharge on her breast but it depends on the amount and frequency at which the discharge produced. If at all it soaks your bra then perhaps you might need to check with the doctor and see if it is an infection but if the discharge is clear, it should be normal.

What does it mean to have white discharge and a missed period with no itch burns etc?

Occasionally you can get white discharge just before a late period. If your period was skipped all together, that's a different matter that you could mention to your doctor. The white stuff is just your body cleaning itself out, in a way.

What those white stains in you girlfriends underwear are?

It is just normal vaginal discharge. The vagina cleans itself all the time and this is normal. The discharge is usually white but it can turn yellow after a while. And then it can turn brown (that means it is old blood) before/after a woman's period. Again, that is completely normal. If a woman has a lot of discharge she may want to wear pantyliners. But it's NORMAL and does not mean a woman is cheating or anything like that.

Is it normal to have discharge everyday?

White discharge is ok to have everyday and so is brown discharge so any type of discharge is ok! It is very normal. You might have discharge all your life!

What does it mean if your period is late but you feel like your on it but all it's just clear white liquid?

don't worry all it is is discharge every women has it when there not on there period

White discharge a sign of pregnancy?

All women release white discharge, depending upon where they are in their cycle. As a symptom on its own, this doesn't indicate pregnancy. However, during pregnancy there will be an increase in vaginal discharge.

What does it mean if you have white discharge and your period has not come?

if you get discharge it means that your period is on its way howwever the time coulld vary from 1 week to2 years. If you normaly have discharge that is yellow and now it has turned white it just means that your period is getting closer. my advice is carry around some pads/tampons with you because your peiod could come very soon! I hope that all goes well and good luck!! <3

What does it mean when your always wet?

its when girls vagina relises discharge and it becomes wet ... your up up sex (all the time )

What does it mean when you have thick white discharge after having sec?

it is usually a sign of periods starting if you haven't started them all ready but if you have it might just have been cum

What does the appearance of a white dove at 7 am mean?

There is no meaning at all to your seeing the dove, neither does the time matter. You are fortunate to see a white dove that is all.

In the early stage of pregnancy is it normal to have cramping without bleeding just white discharge?

It can be. Sometimes you get cramp like pains due to your uterus stretching. Milky white discharge is probably leukorrhea which is very common during pregnancy. If you have concerns, call your doctor. They get questions like this all of the time...and that is what you pay them for. :)

What does smelly peach and yellow colored discharge mean?

I would consult a doctor as for it may mean infection. (not all the time) but consult a doctor just to play it safe.

Does a streams discharge ever change?

All the time.

Could you be pregnant if you are having a fluttery tickling feeling in your belly and are also having a white discharge and you're tired all the time?

yes you could be pregnant. do a test

Why does girlfriends panties have some white or yellow discharge on them.?

It is normal for a woman to have some yellow or white discharge. The amount of discharge is affected by the woman's cycle. Also, as a woman becomes aroused she will have a release of discharge as well. This is all perfectly healthy and normal as long as there is no foul smell coming from her vagina which could signal an infection.

Is brown and white chunky discharge normal?

not at all ! go see a doctor pronto

Can i become pregnant if women have discharge after intercourse?

Yes, women have discharge all the time and the semen is coming out but the sperms are swimming.

How do virgins control discharge when excited?

No one can control discharge. It's a part of our system to keep the vagina healthy. Women have discharge all the time but it changes slightly when it gets closer to the time of having our period. Wether you are a virgin or not have nothing to do with it. Discharge is not linked to the hymen.

How early in the pregnancy does discharge appear?

I have 2 kids and think I am about 3-4 weeks pregnant I have had the sore nipples and the bloating as well. Every time I had concieved I knew right away and all three times I had this creamy milky white discharge and it came at about 3 weeks pregnant.

How come i have stuff coming out of my vagina all the time?

I assume you mean discharge. That is what cleans the vagina and it should always be there. The amount and color and smell can vary depending on where you are in your cycle.

How often do girls discharge?

Discharge is something we have all the time, it's a part of the vaginal cleaning system. It also works as a natural lubricant.

If you have lots of discharge all the time and you are not pregnant?

Well if this is new then you should get it checked out but if you have usually been getting alot of discharge and there is no sign of a yeast infection then it's normal for you. Every woman has atleast two teaspoons of discharge a day but it varies for different women just like the color varies. Sometimes it can be a milky color, chalky white, or even yellow.