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It means to but the Lil bit that you have to something that's nothing , then you will make it out of something , as in give to gain

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Q: What does it mean to add less than nothing to something?
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What is more than nothing but less than something?

All positive numbers are more than nothing (zero) but less than something (a bigger number).

What does it mean to default to something less than?

It means, in the absence of other information or requirement, choose something less than (whatever is specified).

When is nothing better than something when nothing does not exist and something exist?

If something exists and nothing doesn't exist then nothing is never better than something. Nothing does not exist so it can't be better than something. Answer Or...if you have something but it's terrible or miserable then...nothing CAN be better than something. :-)

When was Nothing Less Than Brilliant created?

Nothing Less Than Brilliant was created in 1994.

When was ...Something More Than Nothing created?

...Something More Than Nothing was created in 1998.

Is negative 3 greater then or less then 2?

No, because if something is negative mean that it's less than

What does a shooting star tattoo on your lower back mean?

Other than you may like shooting stars...nothing. Many designs mean nothing, unless they mean something to you.

Why is it impossible to have higher than 100 percent yield?

that would mean that you created something out of nothing. you can have less as you lose some of your yield at any stage of transfer etc, but higher is impossible

What does the quote To action little less to words inclined mean?

It's the same idea of "Your actions speak louder than words". It also could mean that you can say that you are going to do something, but your words mean nothing if you don't take the action.

What does nothing more nothing less mean?

It means that nothing should be assumed other than what the speaker has said; the speaker means exactly what has been stated, as it is stated. The expression tends to be used when criticizing someone: "That man is a traitor, nothing more and nothing less!"

What are the release dates for Less Than Nothing - 2012?

Less Than Nothing - 2012 was released on: USA: 2012

Something with a pH of less than 7 is?

Something with a pH of less than 7 is considered acidic.

What actors and actresses appeared in Less Than Nothing - 2012?

The cast of Less Than Nothing - 2012 includes: Meghan Grady as Helen

Is 103 more then or less than 301?

less. One hundred and something is always less than three hundred and something.

What does it mean tattoo of last name on stomach?

It means nothing more or less than bad choices in their past.

What are all the fractions that are less than one third?

nothing is less than one third

What does John F Kennedy's quote There are risks and costs to a program of action but they are far less than the longrange risks and costs of comfortable inaction mean?

doing nothing may be worse,taking a long-term view, than doing something

Is nothing really nothing or could it be something more than nothing as some philosophers have thought?

There is probably no such thing as 'nothing'. Ask yourself "What is the question to which I would give the answer 'nothing'?" Almost invariably, the answer will be something other than 'nothing'.

What does it mean of someone holds eye contact for more than 5 seconds?

absolutely nothing, especially if they are talking to you. If its more than 5 minutes, then it might mean something

What is less than five but more than ten?

Nothing is both less than 5 and greater than 10. It is impossible.

Why cannot a probability not be less than 0?

0 means there is no chance of something happening. You cannot have less than no chance of something happening. So a probability cannot be less than 0.

What does justify mean in math terms?

In math terms, it is more or less to make something sound reasonable; but in a way that is less formal than a proof.

What does less than stellar mean?

"Less than stellar" basically means "less than perfect."

Is nothing anything?

Anything by definition is all encompassing and as such would include nothing. Nothing, however, is nothing at all and would then necessarily exclude anything. Sort of like an unrequited love, anything endeavors to include nothing in its definition and the cold and uncaring nothing ignores these overtures and excludes anything from its circle of knowledge. Anything can mean everything or it can mean whatever, which is the sort of attitude nothing tends to show towards anything, whatever. Nothing being much more discriminating than anything, can mean not a thing or it can mean something of no consequence. Therefore, nothing is more inclined to acknowledge something than it is to give anything even a passing glance. This is why I like to razz nothing about something singing in a very annoying cadence; Nothing and Something sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...then I say to Nothing, what's wrong? Invariably nothing answers with; "nothing." Then I say; "Oh come on! It must be something." Then, if nothing could roll its eyes it would as it says; "Shut up about Something, will you? It was one night, for crying out loud. I haven't called once since!" I don't tease anything much about nothing though as anything tends to be too sensitive about such things as nothing.

What does Scarce as hens teeth mean?

well, i found out that scarce means a lot less and hens have no teeth sooooo it sorta means less than nothing so it would also mean highly unlikely

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