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Q: What does it mean to fold a paper length wise?
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How do you make paper plane?

You make paper planes by folding the paper in half Then you open the paper After you fold the paper so it looks like a bird Finally you fold the paper again and you've got your plane Bye and have fun play ing with your plane.

How does one make paper airplanes?

First, take a single sheet of paper and fold it in half, length-wise. Secondly, fold the top corners down to the center, where the page is folded, until the top creates a triangle and leave them folded down. Then, fold the tip of the triangle down. From here, you fold the corners down to the center to meet right above the fold you just made in the tip. Now, fold the tip up. Then fold the entire project in half. Now your plane is taking shape! Lastly, fold the wings down and you have a paper airplane!

Can paper fly?

If you fold it into a paper airplane. Other wise the paper needs a ticket to New York or somewhere.The wind can make it glide somewhat also.

Is the common bottle nose 6.6 length wise?

It's 6.6 length wise

How do you fold a Japanese flag?

Few countries have a proper way to fold a flag. However, Japan is one of the exceptions. Turn the flag parallel to the ground and fold length wise. Repeat. Turn Flag parallel to the ground and fold width wise into thirds. Roll the flag tightly (Tie it if possible, or if displaying.) To carry you carry as if it were a sword handle, in both hands at waist level vertically. (so long as it's not enormous or tiny) Like the United States, there isn't a law that makes this official, it is however the common way to do it.

Where wise the paper?

it is white sheet

Is it true that plate should rolled length wise only not width wise?


Are milimeters used to measure the WIDTH?

no. it is to measure the length. meters is length-wise.

What is better paper or plastic bags?

Well paper and plastic can be recycled except paper comes from trees which is ruining the enviorment. That is for the enviorment if you mean lifestyle wise.... I say plastic still because it can hold heavier things and if you try that on a paper bag then it might rip.

What is the length of the coastline of Maharashtra district wise?

80,000km long

What does yypeepl mean?

Wise people.

Why come your hamster was a little big now it is smaller?

If you mean weight wise, it could be because he is sick and is losing weight or is just exercising too much. If you're talking length wise, he may just be getting older. :)