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Obtaining unlimited six is serious life changing issue and is of such great importance that it is most likely being discussed by world leaders as we speak. Therefor it must be explored in a depth deeper than the deepest oceans.

Since time began every living thing has been wondering what it is to obtain unlimited six. There have been theories as to what it is, but after obtaining it, I can tell you the truth. Unlimited six, is unlimited knowledge of the six of life's' biggest questions. This knowledge is dangerous when wielded in the wrong hands and must never under any circumstances be tampered with, otherwise the world as we know it may come to an end. In Order to receive this bountiful gift of knowledge you must do several things, (shown below). With this knowledge we can fight off evil and the world will remain in a safe state, so use it for good not bad.

The primary sector involves being separated to a different island, this is a rare gift and many will fail on this first task, it is most commonly accomplished by sole traders.

You then become part of the Island's Union, where you may engage furious battles in an attempt to become Union leader. Many unions make you have to pay 1.5%, or there abouts of your current salary so if you were earning 600 great British pounds a week you would have to pay 9.5 great British pounds towards the union in which you are in.

After the battle is won, then and only then will you receive unlimited six. Many have tried, many have failed, but will you succeed?

Love to all the world, good luck and stay safe.

James the knowledgable being


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Q: What does it mean to obtain unlimited six?
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