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Here is an expression with four terms:

3 cows + 4 chickens + 6 cows - 2 chickens

The two 'cow' terms can be combined: 3 cows + 6 cows = 9 cows

The two 'chicken' terms can be combined: 4 chickens - 2 chickens = 2 chickens

So after combining like terms, the expression is: 9 cows + 2 chickens .

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Q: What does it mean to put together like-terms in an expression or equation?
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What does the equation y-x mean?

y-x is an expression, not an equation. Therefore, the question does not make sense.

What is the difference of an equation and an expression?

um well it depends on what you mean by expressions

What does an asterisk mean in a mathematical equation?

The asterisk in a mathematical equation, usually in the context of a computer expression, means to multiply.

What is the difference between an expression and an equation is that an has an equal sign?

I think you mean this as an answer, not a question. An expression does not have an equals sign (e.g 2x4). An equation does have an equals sign (e.g 2x4=8).

What does accurately mean in math?

accurately means constant accuracy in a problem or equation or expression

What does expression mean in math?

In math expression means when you have a number sentence without an equal sign.A mathematical or algebraic expression is a collection of terms that do not include an equality sign because it is not an equation. A mathematical or algebraic expression is a collection of terms that do not include an equality sign because it is not an equation.

What does constant expression mean?

In Algerbra, an expression is a math sentence, such as 5y+3x, that does not have an equal sign. When you include the equal sign it becomes equation.

What is the difference between a algebraic equation and a algebraic expression and a formula?

An equation is a statement that two (preferably different) expressions are EQUAL to each other (hence EQUAtion) An expression is series of numbers, variables, and operations which makes mathematical sense. (when I say "makes mathematical sense" I simply mean that "5x + -/* -2" would not count as an expression since you have a subtraction sign divided by a multiplication sign) Since an equals sign is not a number, variable, NOR an operation, you canNOT have an equals sign in a single expression (that would turn it into an equation). For example... Equation: 3x + 2 = 9/x - 7 Expression: 3x + 2 or Expression: 9/x - 7 Note how the equation serves to join two different expressions together. An expression alone cannot provide any useful information (in general). Rather, an equation is needed in order to draw useful mathematical conclusions.

What does trinomail mean?

An equation or expression with 3 variables. For example... 5x + 7y + 9z is a trinomial.

What is the soultion to this equation -6x plus 321?

Without an equality sign the given expression is not an equation but if you mean -6x = 321 then the value of x works out as -53.5 which is the solution to the equation.

What is s in the equation gh-ts?

Without an equality sign the given expression can't be considered to be an equation. But if you mean: gh = ts then s = gh/t

What is 8x-51?

8x-51 is an expression. It is NOT an equation because there is no equals sign.