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Instead of reading the numbers from left to right (1234) read them from right to left (4321).

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Q: What does it mean to reverse the digits in a number?
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What does reverse the digits mean?

you just carry the first number and add 5 to the second number

I am a three digit number. The sum of my digits is 18. When I reverse my digits and subtract the new number from the original number you get 99. What number I am?

whats the answer please??

When you reverse the digits in a certain two-digit number you increase its value by 9 Find the number if the sum of its digits is 7?


How can you generate a palindrome from a given number?

You write the number and then follow it with the digits in reverse order.

If 27 is added to a twi digit number the result is a number with the same digits but in reverse order The sum of the digits is 11 What is the original number?


What is 72 reverse the digits divide by 3?

72 reverse the digits divide by 3 = 24

10.) A two-digit number is prime. When you reverse the digits, that number is also prime. What could the number be List three possibilities.?

Some numbers that you can get when you reverse the digits and they are still prime numbers are: 403 ÷ 13 = 31 2,701 ÷ 37 = 73 1,207 ÷ 17 = 71

A number consisting of three different digits is subtracted from a number made up of the same digits in reverse order?

Your answer is, depending on the order of your subtraction, either positive or negative 198

What 5 digit number when multiplied by 4 yields the number the same five digits in reverse order?

The number is 21978. 21978 when multiplied by 4 which gives the result 87912 which is in reverse order.

How can you draw the flowchart to reverse a given number?

if you mean to make the number negative, assuming the number is positive to start with, you can assign the number to X and then do X-(2X) No, they want to reverse the order of the digits. There are two problems with that: 1. it is their homework, so they should do it themself 2. one can't draw flowcharts here

Could you please tell me the Palindrome number checking code?

The most efficient method is to reverse the digits in the number and then check if the reversed number is equal to the original number. In C, we can implement this as follows (using long-hand notation for clarity). Note the use of base (defaulting to base 10) so that we can check values in other bases. bool is_palindrome (unsigned num, unsigned base = 10) { // local variables unsigned rev, digit, digits; // copy the input number digits = num; // initialise the accumulator rev = 0; // repeat while there are digits while (digits) { // extract the low-order digit using modulo (%) operator digit = digit % base; // shift the accumulated digits (if any) one position to the left rev = rev * base; // add on the new digit rev = rev + digit; // shift the remaining digits one position to the right digits = digits / base; } // end while // return true if the number and its reverse are equal return num == rev; }

Write a C program to reverse the digits of a number?

/*Reverse the digits of a number,Gankidi*/ #include<stdio.h> void main(void) { int num,sum=0,i,rem; printf("Enter a number"); scanf("%d",&num); while(num>0) { rem=num%10; num=num/10; sum=sum+(rem*10); } printf("the reverse number is %d",sum); }