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to write it in numbers

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How do you show 0.2 in standard form?

Writing a number in standard form simply means to express the number in its 'normal' form. Therefore, the way you wrote the number is the standard form for your example.

How do you show 20.7 thousand in standard form?

20.7 thousand (20,700) in standard form is 2.07 × 104

Is standard form and expanded form the same?

No it is not. Standard form is when you just have a number like 200. Expanded form is when you spell out the word like two hundred.

Can you show me the steps on how to do this problem 18.4 covert the number in a standard notation can you show me the steps please and how you got it?

covert this number into a standard notation 18.4 can you give me the steps how you would covert this.

Solve MC multiplied by vii show your answer in standard form form?

The Roman numerals of MC = 1100 and VII = 7 So: 1100*7 = 7700 which is 7.7*10^3 in standard form

Show you an example of standard form?

Standard form is a form of writing a number that is either too large or too small to write in the format a x 10 to the power z A is the first significant number from your answer that isn't 0, and must be a value between 0 and 10. Z is how many spaces you move the decimal point to get a value between 0 and 10 0.000453 in standard form = 4.53 x 10 to the power -4, as we've moved the decimal point minus 4 places. 98320000 in standard form = 9.832 x 10 to the power 7. Hope this helps

Show example how you find the mean of a number?

The mean of a number is the number itself. Finding the mean of one number serves no purpose whatsoever. So, for example, the mean of 5 is 5.

Can you give me an example of standard form?

give the meaning and standard form3 say you were to show 7 thousands and eighty your answr will be 7,080 now you get it dumb head

What does standard deviation show us about a set of scores?

Standard Deviation tells you how spread out the set of scores are with respects to the mean. It measures the variability of the data. A small standard deviation implies that the data is close to the mean/average (+ or - a small range); the larger the standard deviation the more dispersed the data is from the mean.

What is the number 3.8 in the form mc004-1jpg using integers to show that it is a rational number?

3.8 is a rational number because it can be expressed as a fraction in the form of 19/5 in its simplest form.

What is three thousandths in standard form?

First of all we need to write down 3 thousandths in decimal.This is 0.003To change this in to standard form we need to get the 3 to appear before the decimal point. So we need to move the decimal point 3 places to the right. This is the equivalent to multiplying the number by 1000.We then need to show that this new number is 1000 times larger than our original number. So we write down " x 10-3 " which means "times one thousandth".So, in standard form 0.003 = 3 x 10-3

Define expanded form?

expanded form is when you show the expanded form of a number example:4+(3 .1)=4.3

Write the number 2.4 in the form using integers to show that it is a rational number.?

2.4 is a rational number because it can be expressed as an improper fraction in the form of 12/5

What does shewn mean?

Shewn is a form of shown, past tense of "to show."

Can two not show standard guinea pigs produce a show standard guinea pig?

no, unless a parent of the non-standard guinea pig is a standard.

What is standard notation?

The standard (or scientific) notation for a number is of the form a*10b wherea is a decimal number, greater than or equal to 1 and less than 10, and b is an integer.so, for example,123456 = 1.23456 * 105while 0.01234 = 1.234 * 10-2Standard notation is particularly useful when dealing with very large or very small numbers.It is the most used way to show numbers (ex.90)

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