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Most homeowners policies now have an total exclusion for wind damage or a higher deductible for hurricane damages. This should be stated on the declarations page of your policy (where you see your coverages and limits and cost of each). //

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Q: What does it mean to you if your area has been deemed a 'national catastrophe area' in terms of a claim for wind damage?
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How do you claim auto insurance when you wrecked your car on your property?

It would be an auto claim for the damage to the other and a homeowners claim for the damage to your property. You cannot be liable to yourself, so you cannot claim the property damage on your auto policy.

Who is responsible for damage to a repossessed car?

The tow company is responsible for damage they did to the vehicle, if they claim they didn't do it you have to prove it and make a claim/sue them, otherwise you need to claim it on your insurance.

What is the standard policy for minors who are passengers in auto accidents and who gets the claim?

Anyone who suffers injury or property damage in a collision is allowed to file a claim to insurance companies. Damages are to be paid by the insurance company of the person deemed to be at fault. In the case of injury to minors, damages are to be paid to the parents or guardians.

Can you take back a claim once you submitted it to the insurance company?

You can take back a claim for damage to your own property. You can't take back a claim where you are liable for damage to another party.

How long after an auto accident do you have to file a claim in Kentucky?

What type of claim? Damage or injury?

Can you withdraw a claim from your home insurance?

Yes you can withdraw your claim, but once reported, the damage and the claim filing are still on record.

Can you file an insurance claim with no damage?

Without anything damaged, lost or stolen there is nothing to claim.

Is Flood damage to movable property is insurable?

Technically, it all depends on whether your insurance covers the kind of damage sustained by your car. If your insurance policy covers flood damage, then you can easily claim from the Insurance company. If you read your policy carefully, it will reflect whether or not the movable property is insured and whether or not flood damage is covered. But most likely, even though the property IS covered, you will only be able to claim an amount less than that of which you had spent to purchase the movable property. I certainly hope you paid the premiums religiously. Otherwise, your policy will be deemed to have lapsed.

Election Day should be a national holiday. Which type of claim is this?

claim of policy APEX, i think

Can you claim for damage to your gas boiler?

It just counts on what your insurance clam is.

Can reposession company file a claim with your car insurance company to fix preexisting damage?

If your lien holder repo's your vehicle, they can file a claim against your insurance for damage to the vehicle. The repo company itself would have no claim, because it's not their vehicle.

Can you claim against your neighbor for fire damage to your property where the fire started on his property but negligence cannot be proven?

You would have to be able to prove that your neighbor is responsible for your damage, otherwise you would have no claim.

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