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When a question for the total cost of these, it refers o the items that were mentioned in the math problem.

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Q: What does it mean when it says what is the total cost of these?
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What does adjusted total cost mean?

what does adjusted total cost,in stock report mean

If someone says that trip will cost you an astronomical amount what do they mean?

"It will cost you a lot."

What does mean when it says the right will cost planty?

"the right will cost planty" is nonsense - what is "planty"?

What does it mean in math when it says what is the total?

When a math question asks for the total, it is looking for the sum as an answer.

What does college cost mean?

it can mean how much the total cost is including tuition books and living space

What does Total Cost to Company mean?

The Total Cost to Company refers to an employee's salary package. It is the total cost a company or organization is spending for an employee and it includes salary and perks.

What does total cost mean?

amount of money summed up to a grand total basically.

What mean cost behavior?

cost behaviour means if there is any changes in activity the total cost cost will also be changed accordingly.

What does it mean when a judge says stay on fines and cost?

It means that the fines and ciosts will not be assessed.

What does making a choice at the margin mean?

Making a choice by comparing total benefit to total cost.

What is the formula for total cost?

The formula for Total Cost is TC (total cost) = TVF (total variable cost) + TFC (total fixed cost).

Ct Tw Diamond -What does it mean?

total weight of the stone like if it says .25 total weight that is a quarter caret

If your husband's ins says the vested amount is does that mean that's the total amount or what is paid monthly?

Total amount after interest.

Is total cost different from overhead cost?

Overhead cost is part of total cost and not different from total cost as formula is as follows: Total cost = material cost + labor cost + overhead cost

Does total cost equal the fixed cost plus the vriable cost divides by volume?

Formula for Total Cost: Fixed Cost + Variable Cost + Semi-Variable Cost if there is no semi-variable cost then fixed cost + variable cost is a total cost. if we devide the total cost with volume as well then it will be cost per unit not total cost

If you have total cost and total benefit how do you get marginal cost and marginal benefit?

Marginal cost is total cost/quantity Marginal benefit is total benefit/quantity

Is selling price and total variable cost the same?

Selling price = Total Cost (Total Variable cost + Total fixed cost) + profit margin

How do you get the total cost?

Total cost is fixed cost + variable cost (TC=FC + VC)

What does she mean when she says that?

when she says what?

How do you determine total cost?

Total cost is determined by adding fixed costs and variable costs together. fixed cost + variable cost = total cost

What does sales tax mean in math?

something that increases the amount of the total cost of the item by the government

The vertical distance between the total cost curve and the total variable cost curve reflects?

total fixed cost

How do you calculate Total Cost without Total variable cost?

To calculate the Total Cost without Total variable cost, one should estimate for the variables or substitute for the variables with a variable such as X or Y and then solve for the approximate total cost.

What does it mean when a Mexican says fajitas?

What does it mean when a Mexican says

How do you calculate your variable cost and fixed cost given total costs and sales volumes?

Total Costs = Fixed Cost + Variable Cost soVariable Cost = Total Costs - Fixed Cost.