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Q: What does it mean when they say i set milestones to measure my work?
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When we will say computer work diligently what do you mean?


When you say work is done against a force you mean the force does?

Negative work

What does an m in front of an angle mean?

Its to say its the MEASURE of the angle, instead of the angle itself

What do you mean when you say productivity is a relative measure?

single factor productivity and total factor productivity

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It depends on the context. It could mean "No work today," but it could also mean "I don't work today."

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Let your child's pediatrician know your concerns. Try the following "Google" searches depending on what specific areas you're concerned about. * Developmental milestones childhood cognition * Developmental milestones speech and language * developmental milestones for fine motor skills * developmental milestones for gross motor skills You can take your child to the puplic school nearest to your home and say that you wish to fill out a referral for a special education evaluation. This will be done free of charge.

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When people say this, they mean that you have to work together to get whatever is in question accomplished.

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If you mean, How's work, it translates to, "O a mai le galuega?"

How do you say want to work together mean in french?

Travailler ensemble

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It means: "I work for"

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Clase means class in spanish. Do mean teachers work there? -kay

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