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It means that the divisor does not go into the dividend evenly.

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Q: What does it mean when you represent the remainder?
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Related questions

Can the mean have a remainder?

Yes the mean can have a remainder but the remainder would normally be either rounded or converted into a fraction.

What does the remainder represent?

the left over number of course

What do you do when finding the mean and the number has a remainder?

You incorporate the fractional remainder into the mean. The mean does not have to be a whole number.

What is the remainder 547 8?

If you mean 547 divided by 8 then the remainder is 3

What number goes into 3 4 and 5?

as you didn't state that the number has to go EVENLY with no remainder, then any number goes into these 3 numbers. Did you mean for the number to leave no remainder?

What is the remainder of 3 divided by 25?


What does interpret the remainder mean?

dont no

What does interpret with remainder mean?

Done the calculation (get the answer) and also show the remainder (don't round up or down).

What is xxx1v in roman numerals?

Do you mean XXXIV? If so, these numerals represent 34.

What does the gcf of 2 or more numbers represent?

The largest number that will divide into all the members of a given set evenly with no remainder.

What does the GCF for a set of numbers represent?

The largest number that will divide into all the members of a given set of numbers evenly with no remainder.

What does remainder mean in maths?

It means what's left over after a division as for example 18/5 = 3 with a remainder of 3

If 12 divided by 60 equals 5 hen What is the remainder?

If you mean 60 divided by 12 then it is exactly 5 with no remainder.

How do you get the mean when there's a remainder?

U round it up

What is the remainder when 192 888 is divided by 8?

If you mean 192888 divided by 8 then it is exactly 24111 with no remainder

What do the common factors of 18 and 30 represent?

The common factors are those which divide into both numbers with no remainder. They are 1, 2, 3 and 6.

Can 12345678 be divisible by 36?

If you mean evenly (with no fraction or decimal part or remainder) the answer is no. When it's divided by 36, the remainder is 18.

What does leftover in math mean?

It means the remainder if any when numbers are divided as for example 49 divided by 6 = 8 with a remainder of 1 leftover

What is the answer to 921 divided by 34?


What does not represent the set of integers divisible by 4 from 1 to 40?

There is nothing following to choose from. The numbers 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40 are divisible by 4 with no remainder. All others are divisible by 4, to give a decimal part (eg 5/4 =1.25) as well, or alternatively leaving a non-zero remainder (eg 5/4 =1 with remainder 1).

Could the mean on the stem and leaf plot have a remander?

The mean can be an improper fraction but it cannot have a remainder.

In English the spanish word resta mean?

Resta can mean rest, residue, remainder, or subtraction.

What does the color white repreants?

Do you mean represent? In that case it is supposed to represent peace.

What does not a multiple of 5 mean?

That is an integer that cannot be divided by 5 with a remainder of 0.In other words, if you divide the number by 5, the remainder is not 0.

What can't be divided by 2 without a remainder?

Do you mean what, when divided by 2, leaves a remainder? That'd be any odd number (or fraction).