What does jld crown 375 mean?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What does jld crown 375 mean?
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What does JLD then a crown hallmark then 357 and the letter C on a white colored ring with a leopard?

This is a modern english white gold ring- the J Ld is the maker, crown for gold, 375 is the grade (9ct) and c is date letter (about 1978) leoprads head is for London

What does DSC then a crown hallmark and then 375 mean on a ring?

DSC is the stamp of the sponsor, or maker. The crown is the stamp of the assay office that assures the quality of the material. The crown might me a castle, which would inidicate that the ring has been stamped in the Edinburgh assay office. The number 375 shows that the ring is made from 9 carat gold.

What does a crown then 375 then an anchor on its side then the letter you mean on a ring mean?

Crown = item is real gold375 = the fineness/purity is 9ctAnchor = item assayed/hallmarked in Birmingham Assay Office UKa letter = one letter indicates the date usually.

What does the stamp 375 n mean on your ring?

375 is 9k gold.

What does the 375 stamped inside your ring mean?

375 is 9ct gold.

Why does 375 mean 9 carat?

yes,if you see 375 mark it does indeed mean 9ct gold

How do you get jewelry and clothes on Harvest moon DS?

Call Mai's Tayloring ~JLD

What does the number 375 marked in jewelry mean?

375 is 9ct gold easy to sell to anybody

What does 375 on a gold chain mean?


What does 375 mean on jewelry?

375 is the marking for 9 carat gold. Usually vintage European will have this marking.

What does 375 then GM 16 stamped on a ring mean?

375 means the ring is 9 carat gold & GM 16 may mean the ring weighs 16grams

What does a diamond crown necklace mean?

it means a necklace with a diamond crown on it