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It means kilo which is 1000 and 15k is 15*1000 = 15000

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Q: What does k mean added to a number such as 15k?
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What does K mean in 15K?

K mean 1000. Thus 15K means 15,000 (in terms of money). 15 karat 15 kilometres 15 000

How would you evaluate 15k when k equals 3?

Therefore 15k is 15 times 3 = 45

How much is 15k?

Fifteen K means fifteen thousand. This is typically a number symbol that is seen when someone is talking about money.

How do you convert 15 K to Celsius?

15K = -258.15ºCYou can use this equation to convert Kelvin to degrees Celsius: ºC = K - 273.15

How many protons and neutrons and electrons are in the element k?

If by "k" you mean the element number "k", then it will have "k" protons, "k" electrons if it is neutral, and a variable number of neutrons.

What is k mean after a number?

Answer: k is a comma followed by 3 zeros.

How much is 15k in dollars?

$15,000. k is equal to one-thousand.

What number must be added to 27835 so it can be divided by 56?


K divided by 2 - k divided by 5- k divided by6 equals 2?

k/2 -k/5 -k/6 = 2 Multply all terms by 30: 15k -6k -5k = 60 4k = 60 k = 15

My Thompson Center Hawken has a serial number K 1517, what does that mean?

It's a 54 caliber round ball

How do you get k shopping cart hero 2?

you need 1000 dollars. etc: 15k= 15000 dollars, 50k= 50000 dollars...

What does 5k mean in a number?

"k", in this case, may mean "kilo", that is, "times thousand".

What is 740 K?

740 K could mean: 740,000 (number: the "k" stands for "thousand") 740 degrees k (temperature) 740 * k (in maths, to multiply 740 and k together)

What does the K number mean on a 2 dollar bill mean for example K23799825A?

The K refers to Federal Reserve District 11, Fort Woth (Texas).

What does k mean?

The letter"K" has several uses in today's culture. Without knowing to which context you speak of, it is hard to know which use you mean. K is the abriviation for Kilometer, and is often heard in regards to running and marathons. A number with a lower case k after it is another use for "k". This means "thousands" of a number. For instance, 2k is 2,000. The exception to the number/letter k combination is 401(k), which is a type of retirement account. Also, some people who are very lazy about writing things out will say "k" instead of "okay."

Why do people put on MySpace like 14k or like whatever number and then 'k' what does it mean?

Thousand. 'k' is an abbreviation for kilo, the prefix for thousand.

What does percentile mean?

Let x be a real number, such that 0 < x < 100. x-th percentile from a sample of n is number k such that k max(i - natural number | i < x.n/100).

What information does a coefficient give you?

the number before y divides by x and x is added to 40 by k or x by k plus 3 i think would equal 400

Which composer had k symphonies?

Perhaps you mean compositions that are identified by a number preceded by a K. That would be Mozart, whose works were catalogued by K&ouml;chel (pronounced "kershel"). Each composition, including the symphonies, has a K number assigned to it.

What is the worth of a hecklerkoch 63?

No such model number in my references. Do you mean the H&amp;K G3?

What does 19 on the periodic table mean?

Most likely, this is Potassium's (K) atomic number.

What is K Michelle number?

What Is k Michelle phone number

What is the atomic number of K?

The atomic number of K is 19?

Algorithm for to find sum of individual digits of a positive integer?

enter the number whose digits are to be added num is the given value num=0! k=num%10 sum=sum=k k=num/10 num=k print the sum of the digits

How do you find the derivative of a number?

If, by "number", you mean "constant", then the derivative of any constant k is zero: d(k)/dx = 0 For example, if y = &frac34; Pi&sup2; + 340,000,000 then dy/dx = 0.