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Q: What does ka in a case number mean?
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What does ka from dark tower mean?

It can mean a number of things, but the most common definition given by the characters is that Ka is destiny/fate.

What does the phrase 'yon ka' mean?

"Yon ka" is a Haitian Creole term that means "all of us" or "all together." It is often used to express unity or togetherness within a group.

What is criminal court case 9999999999 mean?

what this case number mean 9999999999

What does KA 1772 on a bracelet mean?

What does KA 1772 mean on a silver necklace

What does paano ka mean in Filipino?

meaning of paano ka: How about you?

What does ka mean in sanskrit?

ka means what in sanskrit ...............................................:):);0

What is case reference?

That phrase could mean MANY things. It could mean the case file number under which the court jacket is filed. It could mean the Police Report Number under wihich it is filed. It could mean that this case is referred to in another case. Etc, etc, etc..

What does the name Travis mean in Hawaiin?

If you mean how do you say it, it is Kalawika [ka-la-vee-ka]. What does it mean? It means Travis.

What does mj in a case number mean?

delivery marijuana

What does SC in the case number mean?

Statement of Charges

What does PB mean in a case number?

peanut butter

How do you say Kakashi in English?

What you mean by that? The way you say it or anyother way. If you mean by saying, it is Ka-Ka-she