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Q: What does kpc mean in gold terms?
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What does kpc mean in text language?

keep parents clueless!

What does KPC mean in distance?

1 kiloParsec = 3.08568025 × 10000000000000000000 meters 3.26 light-years = 1 "parsec" 1,000 parsecs = 1 KPC

What does KPC stand for?

My aunt was so mean and she said im a KPC... I also was wondering wat it meant but i think its about u ask alot of questions or your too talkitive.

0.2 kpc per arcminute equals kpc per cm?


What does kpc mean in reference to the diameter of galaxies?

"kpc" is the abbreviation for kilo-parsecs. One parsec is approximately equal to 3.26 light years, so one kpc would be about 3260 ly. In terms of the diameters of galaxies, we can at best come up with approximations. The distance to another galaxy is a matter of some conjecture, involving calculations of the relative brightness of "standard candle" stars, typically Cephid variable stars. As our understanding of the relationships between the mass, luminocity and the periodicity of a Cephid variable has evolved, our estimations of the distances has likewise changed.

Full form off KPC?


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It means 10kt. in U.S. terms. 417 = 41.7% gold in European terms.

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What distinguises gold and platinum records- not the composition of the records I mean in terms of how many are sold.

What is the full form of kpc?

It means Kenya power country

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