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It means any number from that is to the left of 3 on the number line. It is any number which, if subtracted from 3 leaves a positive answer - however small that may be.

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Q: What does less than three mean?
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What does the number three mean in math?

It depends on what you mean. The number three in and of itself means one more than 2 and one less than 4.

What does I less than three you mean?

Less than three means i luve you. becayse if you look at the key board and make the less then sign (this thingy <) and then add three after it (3) and put it together it looks like a heart (<3) {p.s my answer was nicer than the previous one your welcome}

What does Ryan higa mean in his video bieber fever by less than three?

Less than 3 is <3 which means a heart, as in love.

Is -3 less than 0?

-3, pronounced "minus three" or "negative three," is three less than zero.

Is 103 more then or less than 301?

less. One hundred and something is always less than three hundred and something.

Is 3.1 greater or less than 3.15?

less than. three and ten one hundredths is less than three and fifteen one hundredths.

What is the greatest 3 digit decimal less than 1?

It depends on what you mean by three digit decimal. If you mean three digits after the decimal, then it's 0.999. However, if you mean three digits in the number, then it's 0.99.

What is the sum of one less than three?

the sum of a number that is one less than three is two

Is two thirds greater or less than three fourths?

Two third is less than three fourth.

Is 1 less than or greater than 3?

One is less than three

Is three pints less than or greater than two quarts?

Less than

Is 3.67 greater than or less than 3.7?

3.67 (three and sixty-seven hundredths) is three hundredths (0.03) less than 3.7 (three and seven tenths).

What is the number that has three digits less than 140 has 7 factor its even of the number is less than 9?

what is the number that has three digits less than 140 has7 factor the sum of the digits of the number is less than 9

Is three fifths greater Or less than or equal to six sevenths?

three fifths is less than six sevenths

Three times the quantity two less than a number x is ten?

two less than three times a number is 28

Is seven twelfths greater or less than three fourths?

less than

Is the fraction three sevenths greater than or less than seven tenths?

Less than.

Is three quates of an inch less than inch?

Did you mean quarters? 4 quarters are in 1 whole so no.

What is three hundredths less that 2.79?

Three hundredths less than 2.79 is 2.76.

What is four less than a number and three?

Four less than a number and three is the number less one.

Does 37 divided by 18 mean that 18 is less than 37?


Is three fourths and two thirds greater or less than one?

It is less than. You see if its not one whole than its less than one.

What does less than stellar mean?

"Less than stellar" basically means "less than perfect."

What is six less than three?

-3negative three

What are three decimals that are less than one percent?

1% = 0.01. Three decimals that are less than 0.01 are 0.005, 0.006, and 0.007.