What does long commute mean?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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Well, to commute means to travel, or to take transportation. Some college students commute evey day to school. And many workers commute to get to work. So. . .a long commute is traveling a long way to work or school. !

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Q: What does long commute mean?
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What does it mean to 'commute'?

The word commute has many different definitions. As a transitive verb, it can mean to change, alter, or convert. But as an intransitive verb, it can also mean to compensate, pay or travel.

How long is the average daily commute?

There are many different lengths to society's average daily commute. Some people take 5 minutes others take hours to commute.

What is a sentence with the word commute?

Example sentence - We looked for a house close to our office in order to have a short commute each day.

To work about 20 minutes by car.?

How long is the commute?

Can bikes should be used instead of cars?

well it depends if you have a long commute or a short one. If you have a short one then yes if you have a long one then no. But you can use a bike for a long commute if you are willing to get tired and take a few hours to days,

What are the release dates for My First Sale - 2010 Losing Long Commute 5-7?

My First Sale - 2010 Losing Long Commute 5-7 was released on: USA: 22 August 2011

What does demute mean?

Demute is a UK company that provides hot desks and offices let by the day. The idea is that rather than commute you should Demute i.e not commute. I'm sure there are other meanings for the word

How long does it take Californians to drive to work?

Avge commute 1hr 1 way.

How long does it take to commute to work in new york city?

You've got to say from where to where!

Why do you commute?

I commute because I can't work from home.

Is commute a noun?

The word commute is both a noun (commute, commutes) and a verb (commute, commutes, commuting, commuted). The noun commute is a singular, common noun; word for an instance of a regular journey; the distance covered in a journey. The noun forms for the verb to commute are commuter, commutableness, commutability, and the gerund, commuting.

How long is the commute between Buffalo New York and Albany New York?

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