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The plus sign is used to indicate a pharmacy.And the aid sign

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Q: What does meaning of plus sign in hospitals?
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On a folder what is the meaning of the plus sign?

If you click on the plus sign in Windows Explorer, then you open it, to see lower-level folders.

What is the meaning of plus sign in hospital?

The red cross sign or plus sign as it is often called shows that these people are not a part of conflict and are simply there to help.

What does signos mean in spanish?

Signo is Spanish for a 'sign' as in Signo de Zodiaco - sign of the Zodiac or Signo de Suma meaning plus sign

What is the medical abbreviation meaning positive?

Positive may be abbreviated "pos" or with a plus sign (+).

When texting what does surrounding a word with a plus sign mean such as When plus sign we plus sign laugh or When plus sign you plus sign shout?

It's a way of emphasizing the word. In your examples, "When +we+ laugh" or "When +you+ shout" is similar to saying "When *we* laugh" or "When YOU shout."

What is the sun's plus sign?

There is no such thing as a Sun's plus sign in astrology.

Why green curtains used in hospitals?

Green is a sign of calm. relaxation, and healing. that's why you see lots of green in hospitals, not just curtains.

What is the additive of -4?

If you mean the ADDITIVE INVERSE, change the minus sign to a plus sign. (And if you see a plus sign, you change it to a minus sign.)

How were the plus and minus sign invented?

The person who invented the plus sign is the same as the minus

Why is a plus sign used for hospitals?

It is not an internationally accepted sign for identifying easily for a stranger who does not know the language of the region. We have swallowed this cross symbol of Jesus Christ silently along with the 'English Medicines' . Even the Arabs know this. They have a crescent moon with a wine glass and a snake round it to represent drug store or a hospital. It is high time Hindus must have an OM mark for that.

How do you divide a circle into eight equal parts drawing a plus and times sign?

Draw circle.Draw "plus sign" + on top of circleDraw "times sign" x on top of circlepresto eight cake slices of circle.Simply place the plus sign in the circle so the plus sign touches the edges, then overlap the times sign on the plus sign. It should give you eight lines in the circle, which are eight slices.

How much do you have to pay to volunteer at a hospital?

Generally hospitals allow you to sign for volunteering for free