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Possibly, but not necessarily. It could be length and height. Or, it could be in the context of a shape which is not even rectangular.

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Q: What does measurement 12 inches by 6 inches mean in width and length?
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What is 62 dimensional inch mean for checked luggage?

Dimensional inches is a measurement used by airlines to determine maximum size. It is the combined length, width, and depth of a piece of luggage. X dimensional inches = length + width + depth (measured in inches).

What would be used if you were measuring the length of something in meters of inches?

There is no such measurement. There is either metric measurement or not. Do you mean "fractions" of inches?

In inches what is the volume of a square if the length is 6.25 and the width is 7.2656?

If you mean the area of a square then you multiply the length by the width. 6.25 x 7.2656 = 45.41 square inches

What is the width of a rectangle if the area is 400 SQUARE INCHES AND THE LENGHT IS 16 SQUARE INCHES?

If you mean a length of 16 inches then the width is: 400/16 = 25 feet

What does the measurement of 29M mean how big is a baby grand piano the length and the width the answer I received was 29m I do not know what that means?

The measurement of 29m mean the measurement of 29m which is 1 more than 28m.

What does cubic unit mean?

Cubic unit means the measurement of objects using height, length, and width. It is a unit of measurement used for capacity or volume.

What is the length and width of 90 square meters?

If you mean a rectangle: choose any positive number for the first measurement. Then divide 90 by this number to get the second measurement.

How many inches is 96 cc?

None. CC's are a measurement that refer to liquids. CM's are a term of measurement that refer to length. Did you mean 96cm's?

What is the 62 linear inch mean for checked luggage?

Linear inch is a phantasy word from the airliners. It means: X linear inches = length + width + depth (measured in inches). Inches are still inches. "Linear" inches are not made up. Inches refers to the measurement along a line as opposed to square inches (for area) and cubic inches (for volume).

How do you convert a cubic foot into inches?

ANSWER You can't convert measurement unit of volume to measurement unit of length. But if you mean cubic inches - 1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inch

Does cubic inches mean squared?

No THIS IS SQUARED - 22 THIS IS CUBED- 23 Squared means length times width, or X2. Cubed means length times width times height, or X3.


It means one times the length and width

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