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Money has everything to do with math. You need math to count money. You have to know math so you know how much money you have, what you can buy with that much money, and when you don't have enough money to buy something.Math has to do with math because if you go to the store and they tell you a price, then you pay and they tell you heres youre cahnge but its not correct you need math..

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โˆ™ 2008-11-13 17:19:58
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Q: What does money have to do with math?
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How is money related to math in India?

money is related to math in India because the only math they di their is on money because of how much people are fond of money there

How does a person that works in a bank invole math?

They work with money and money is math.

How was the money related to math?

Math is related to numbers and money is counted in numbers.

What math major offers the most money?

math professor

Why is math used for banks?

Math is necessary when dealing with money.

What math does a phycologist do?

a phycoligist travels and makes money by dong math

Where can someone find great money worksheets?

Teaching students about money is an important lesson in any Math class. You can find some great money worksheets on websites such as Teachers Corner, Math Drills or Homeschool Math.

What is math used in everyday life?

Everything in life is math. Money spending or saving is math, building is math! Etc! Our lives revolve around math

Does monopoly have math in it?

It's not all based on math, but there is a little math involved, as you're dealing with prices and money.

How could you make math hater love math?

bring money into the process

How is working at a bank using math?


How do you do Math-Money?

you count all the money and add them all together

How do banks use math?

the banks use math so they can get their pay and count money

How do models use math?

for fashion show models.. they use math for counting their money..

How does hair styling relate to math?

Hair relates to math buy the amount of money you get.

How did Marie currie use math in her work?

Probably, you need to know math to do certain things in life. Math= money $ No math= "would you like fries with that?"

What kinds of math do bankers use?

they dont use much math they only count there money

How will math be used in your plans?

by counting money

How do actors use math?

Counting their money?

How does actress use math?

Count their money

How does math help you get a math job?

It helps you to count money, days, weeks, years, and everything else. Practicably you use math to everything.

What is the importance of math to the education students?

with math your are able to do the things that require math like counting money ,measuring, angles, and much more and math is what you all was need in life

Why do math teachers need math?

To teach the student about math and what the need to know through out their life They need it because that way they can earn money and maybe math is the subject they enjoy!!

How to pharmacists use math?

Pharnacists use math by counting the money they get and they need to know how much it is because some people might gip them off. If they don't count the money. Pharnacists use math by counting the money they get and they need to know how much it is because some people might gip them off. If they don't count the money.

How much money can a high school math teacher make?

Math Teachers make about $40,000 a year.