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Q: What does multiple attachment mean?
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Near or closer to the point of attachment?

You mean the proximal point of attachment.

The meaning of attachment?

An attachment can be two things. One kind of attachment is something that can be added to a device, for instance a vacuum attachment tube. Attachment can also mean a special connection, as in "He had an attachment to his favorite horse".

What attachment is on the bone that moves?

Insertion is the attachment on the bone that moves

What does emotional attachment mean?

Emotional attachment is when you are very close with someone because of your feelings. A mother has an emotional attachment to her children because she loves them. Love is an emotion (a feeling) and an emotional attachment is based on that feelings.

What does the idiom 'open up the attachment' mean?

It's not an idiom, it's a computer direction. "Opening" an attachment means clicking on the link and causing the attachment to upload to your computer.

What does hydrate mean in carbohydrate?

It refers to attachment of hydrogen and carbon

What does ATA hard disk mean?

advanced technology attachment.

What does recall body attachment mean in civil case?

It simply means that the body of attachment that was issued for your arrest has been cancel and is no longer active

What is attachment bond monotropic mean?

An attachment to one particular figure. This term is often used by psychologist John Bowlby, reffering to the mother.

How do you get rid of a Writ of Attachment?

what dose wrt of attachment mean A "Writ. of Attachment" is a type of warrant for arrest". You get rid of one by being arrested and taking care of whatever obligation you should have done before.

What does it mean when a boy says you want out?

No longer wants attachment or relationship.

Which of the following storage configurations uses external hard drive that can be shared on multiple servers?

PATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment