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-102 = -10 x -10 = 100

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Q: What does negative 10 squared equal?
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what is 10 squared DOES NOT equal what?

what is 10 squared DOES NOT equal what?

What does negative b squared equal to?

It's equal to positive b squared, or (b x b) .

What is negative 10 squared?


What is negative sixty-four minus four squared?

Negative sixty-four minus four squared is equal to -80.

What is 1 squared radical 40 plus 3 squared radical 10 equal?

1 squared radical 40 is equal to 1 squared radical (4 x 10), and this become 2 squared radical 10. By adding 2 squared radical10 with 3 squared radical 10 we get 5 squared radical 10.

Do Negative numbers squared equal positive numbers?

yes they do

What does negative 3 squared equal?

(-3)^2 = 9

What does negative three squared equal?

(-3)2 = 9

What does x times negative x equal?

It is: -x squared

What is -1 squared equal to and why?

it equals positive one. one squared is always one. if they're both negative, negative times negative is always positive.

Does negative 3 squared equal negative nine?

No. Negative three squared is POSITIVE nine. The square of ANY number is positive, because if you multiply a negative number by a negative number, the result is positive.

What does 10 squared equal?


Does a negative squared equal a positive or negative?

A negative number squared equals a positive number. When multiplying, odd numbers of negatives result in a negative answer, and even numbers of negatives result in a positive answer.

What is negative 4 squared minus negative 2 squared?

negative 2 squared

What is 2 times the sum of y and 5?

what is 10 squared DOES NOT equal what?

Why does the square root of -25 have no real solution?

Because the square root of -25 would be that number that, squared, would equal -25. No number, positive or negative, can result in a negative square. Since -25 is a negative number, no number, positive or negative, can be squared to equal -25.

What does a negative 10 minus a negative 10 equal?

-10 minus -10 is 0.

What is positive 1 plus negative 10 equal?

1 plus negative 10 is equal to -9.

What does negative x squared equal if x is a neg three?

I believe it would be 9, because negative three's negative would be 9 (double negative)

What does negative 16 plus negative 10 equal to?

-16+(-10) = -26

Why is -2 squared equal plus 4?

A negative times a negative is always positive. To see why this is, see the link below.

What does 0.5 times negative 10 equal to?

negative 5.

What is negative 10 minus 10 equal?

(-10) - 10 = -20

What does a negative number squared equal?

a positive number e.g -5 squared answer = 25 Correction: Some people are asking this because they have a question that looks like -10^2 -10^2 = -100 However, (-10)^2 = 100 It's PEMDOS -10^2 actually looks like -1x10^2

What is 10 to the negative 4th times 10 to the negative 5th equal?

10-4 * 10-5 = 10-9