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One third less than zero.

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Q: What does negative one third mean in a number line?
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What does the number in parentheses mean on balance sheet line item?

the number is negative.

Do you subtract a negative and a negative?

yesrer324: it depends what way you mean. look at it like this.taking away a negative number from a negative number means you would go up the number number line just as positive numbers go up the number line.

What does the zero mean on the number line?

The separater to make the negative and positive numbers opposites?

Why does a negative number multiplied by a negative number equals a positive number?

This is NOT a proof, just an explanation. Imagine you are on a number line and you are walking. Multiplying x*y is taking x steps, each of size y. Negative steps are interpreted by requriring you to face the negative end of the line before you start walking and negative step sizes are backward where backward is heel first. This mean to find, -x*-y you stand on zero, face in the negative direction, and then take x backward steps, each of size y.

What does it mean for a line to have a negative slope?

If a line has a negative slope it is going 'down hill' and if it has a positive slope it is going 'up hill'

What is a smaller negative?

When comparing negative numbers or a negative number and a positive number, the word "smaller" is confusing because it is unclear whether you mean that the number is less than another number or that the absolute value of the number is less than the absolute value of another number. You should use the phrase "less than" instead. A number's absolute value is how far it is from zero; for negative numbers think of it as the number without the negative sign. Negative eleven is less than negative three because negative eleven is farther left on the number line, but the absolute value of negative three, which is shown as |-3|, is less than the absolute value of negative eleven because negative three is closer to zero.

When a number in a fraction is negative does that mean that the whole fraction is negative?

Yes, it does.

What does the - sign mean before a number?

It means that the number is negative. Negative numbers are always under 0.

What does an o with a line above it mean?

it means negative the medical field

What does a really faint blue negative line mean on an ept?

your pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can the sample mean be a negative number?

Yes, it can.

Is the opposite of a negative number always sometimes or never a negative number?

never a negative number * * * * * ... true if, by opposite, you mean the additive inverse. However, the multplicative inverse is also an opposite. And the multiplicative inverse of a negative number is always negative.