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"minus zero" is the same as plus zero in that it makes no difference to the sum. So the answer is -3.

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Q: What does negative three minus zero equal?
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What does zero minus negative three equal?

i think its -3

What does negative 5 minus negative 5 equal?


What does negative two minus zero equal?


What is negative seven minus negative two equal?

because both are minus and minus and minus is below zero, it would be 2 further below zero, -7-2=9

What does positive 3 minus negative 2 equal negative five?


What is zero minus three?


What is three x minus three x equal?

Anything minus itself is zero.

A positive minus a negative equals?

It can equal a positive, zero or a negative number.

What is negative two over three minus one?


What is zero minus six equal?

0-6=-6 (negative six)

What is negative three minus negative three?

-3 - -3 = 0. The answer is zerobecause subtracting a negative from another negative number will cancel out its negative status.

What is zero minus zero Does it equal orange?

Zero minus zero equals zero.

Is -3 less than 0?

-3, pronounced "minus three" or "negative three," is three less than zero.

What does a negative minus a negative equal?

Suppose x and y are two POSITIVE numbers so that -x and -y are negative. Then a negative minus a negative = (-x) - (-y) = -x +y If x > y the answer is negative If x = y the answer is zero If x < y the answer is positive

What is the answer to this problem 17 minus negative 9 minus 8?


What is zero minus negative nine?

0 minus -9 is 9

What is three minus three?


What is a negative number minus a negative number?

The result can be positive, negative, or zero.

What is less than zero minus?


Is less than zero minus?

Negative ( - )

Less than zero minus?


Less than zero or minus?


What is x minus x equal to?

It is equal to zero.

What does a minus minus a minus equal?

If you mean subtracting a negative number from another negative, then you simply add the second negative to the first number. For example: -3 - (-4)=1 -3 + 4 = 1 The double negative makes the equation an addition.

What does a Minus plus a plus equal?

Negative plus a negative is a negative. Ex. -1+-1=-2 Negative times a negative is a positive. -2*-2=4 But a negative [minus] plus a positive [plus] can be minus, zero or plus: For example, -3 + 2 = -1 -3 + 3 = 0 -3 + 4 = +1