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Q: What does one enemy can do more hurt than ten friends can do good mean?
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What to do when your friends are mad at you for playing with their enemy?

Forget'em theyre not good friends. If they can't respect who you wanna hang out with then forget them!!!!!!or you can ask yourself these questionsshould i be hanging out with someone that is mean to my friend?could the enemy be using me to make my friends jealous?oryou can try to convince the enemies to be friends

What done it mean when a guy say you cool and that we are good friends?

He means that he thinks you are getting serious and doesn't want to hurt you. He wants to be friends, that is all.

What does it mean when you hurt your elbows?

You have good luck

Told my friend she hurt my feelings and now she says im not a good friend and i only care about my feelings and she's mad?

I think she is the one who is not the good friend because she hurt you,be mean to you,and she don't even care about your feelings.Shes the one who is mean.Just don't be her friend and find new friends.

How do you use mutal in a sentence?

I think you mean mutual. We have mutual friends. Our mutual enemy attacked another country.

Is having an enemy healthy for you?

No. I believe hating somebody is just a waste of time and energy. But that doesn't mean you have to be friends with him/her, just let it go and make other friends.

What Words that means the opposite of friend?

To befriend means to offer help to and support someone, or get to know them in the interest of being friends. Words that have an opposite meaning would include: Ignore and avoid are antonyms in the sense that you wouldn't make any effort to an individual. Discourage, thwart, neglect, or harm are antonyms that mean to interfere with or hurt an individual.

What are the monkeys friends?

umm mostly anyone that's not their enemy i mean if ur nice then probaly yea i guess its your friend

If you like this girl and she does not like you but says i am a good friend. What does that mean?

It means she just wants to be friends. She doesn't want to hurt your feelings, but wants to gently tell you she doesn't want to ruin your relationship.

What does 'Good morning friends in Christ' mean?

"Good morning, friends in Christ" is a term that is used in many Christian denominations.

What does hao pungyo mean?

you mean hao peng you! it means good friends!

Do men think about women they've hurt?

If you mean do mean get hurt by women emotionally, yes, on average more so then women, we don't have the same support from friends. Takes men longer to get over things.