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Q: What does one half divided by one quarter equal?
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Related questions

What does one half of one half equal?

a quarter

How many half notes equal quarter notes?

Actually, 2 quarter notes equal one half note.

How many quarter notes equal one dotted half note?

3 quarter notes equal one dotted half note. A quarter note is one beat, and a dotted half note is three beats, so there are 3 quarter notes in a dotted half note.

What is four divided by one half?

Four divided by a half is one quarter other known as 1⁄4, 0.25 or 25%.

What does 7 and one half divided by 1 half equal?


One half divided by 2 equals?

1/2 divided by 2 = a quarter

Does one eighth equal one half of one quarter?


Is one half divided by one half equal one fourth?

Yes, one half divided by one half is one fourth.

Does one quarter cup equal a half cup?


What is One quarter divided by one half?

One quarter divided by one half is written as 0.25/0.5. This is the same sum as 0.25 multiplied by 2. The answer to this sum is therefore 0.5.

What does one half divided by one half equal?

Anything divided by itself is always 1.

Does half of one eighth equal a quarter?

No, it equals one sixteenth.

Is one half of salad equal?

Yes, one half would be equal if the salad was divided into two parts.

What is a half?

A half is one of two equal parts of something divided.

What is 4 divided by one half equal?

4 divided by half (as in 0.5, 1/2) is 8

What is 1 divided by one half equal?


Which is greater one half of a quarter or one quarter of a half?

They are equal. 1/2x1/4=1/8 and 1/4x1/2=1/8

What does 7 and 1 half divided by 1 and one half equal?


What is two divided by one half?

one quarter or25% * * * * * Wrong. That is one half divided by 2. Two divided by one half = 2 / (1/2) = 2 * (2/1) = 4

How many quarter notes are equal to one half note?


How many eighth notes equal one half note?

Four. Two eighth notes equal a quarter note, and two quarter notes equal a half note.SO, this is the correct answer

What is one half minus one quarter?

One half minus one quarter is one quarter.

What is a half divided by one third equal?


Does one fourth equal one whole?

One fourth is the same as one quarter. The whole is divided into four equal parts, and one of those equal parts is one fourth.

One half divide by one half equal what?

It is: 1/2 divided by 1/2 = 1