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Q: What does one half divided by one quarter equal?
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How many half notes equal quarter notes?

Actually, 2 quarter notes equal one half note.

What is One quarter divided by one half?

One quarter divided by one half is written as 0.25/0.5. This is the same sum as 0.25 multiplied by 2. The answer to this sum is therefore 0.5.

How many quarter notes equal on dotted half note?

3 quarter notes equal one dotted half note. A quarter note is one beat, and a dotted half note is three beats, so there are 3 quarter notes in a dotted half note.

Does half of one eighth equal a quarter?

No, it equals one sixteenth.

Is one half of salad equal?

Yes, one half would be equal if the salad was divided into two parts.

What does 7 and one half divided by 1 half equal?


What is 4 divided by one half equal?

4 divided by half (as in 0.5, 1/2) is 8

What is 1 divided by one half equal?


Which is greater one half of a quarter or one quarter of a half?

They are equal. 1/2x1/4=1/8 and 1/4x1/2=1/8

What does 7 and 1 half divided by 1 and one half equal?


1 divided by 8 equals what?


What does a quarter note equal to?

I believe the quarter note equals 42, but I'm not really sure.