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1 half dollar is 50 cents.

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Q: What does one half dollar mean?
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Related questions

What is the value of a Eisehower half dollar?

Eisenhower was on the one dollar coin, not the half, and they're worth one dollar.

How many half dollar in one dollar?

2 half dollars

What fraction of 1 is one half dollar?

1/2 or 0.5 of a dollar is half a dollar

How can you make 1 dollar using 18 coins and a half dollar?

one half dollar; one quarter; one dime; 15 pennies

What is a Philippines half dollar worth?

Do you mean how much does half dollar worth in Philippine peso

What percent of one dollar is one half dollar?


What is the difference in mass between a half-dollar and two dimes?

One half-dollar has the mass of five dimes. Or, two times are 2/5 or 40% the mass of one half-dollar.

Who is on the 1926 half-dollar?

If you mean the 1926 commemorative half dollar,It's Presidents Coolidge & Washington.

What is the value of your half dollar?

That depends on which half dollar you mean. This question is far too vague to give a specific answer.

How much money is one half a dollar plus one fourth of a dollar?

75 cents or $0.75. One fourth of a dollar is $0.25, and one half dollar is $0.50. So, $0.50 plus $0.25 equals $0.75. Hope I helped! :)

What is the decimal of a dollar is one half dollar?


What is the amount of one half dollar?

0.5 dollar!

How many nickels are in a half dollar?

There are exactly ten nickels in one half-dollar (US).

What is the value of independence JFK half dollar coin?

If you mean a bicentennial half dollar, it's just 50 cents.

What is a 1998 half dollar worth?

If you mean a 1998 Kennedy half dollar, the coin has no silver in it and is worth face value.

How much money half of a dollar plus one fourth of a dollar?

75 cents. One half dollar is 50 cents, and one fourth of a dollar is 25 cents. So, 50 plus 25 equals 75.

If you have five tenths of a dollar how much is it?

Five tenths is one half. Half of a dollar is fifty cents.

What fraction of a dollar is one half dollar?


What is the 1971 us half dollar worth?

About one dollar.

You have two coins Their sum is fifty-five cents One of them is not a nickel What coins do you have?

You have a half dollar and a nickel. One of them, the half dollar, is not a nickel.

Can a part of a dollar bill be used?

Yes, if it is larger than one half. If you cut a dollar exactly in half, you can not use either half.

What is the radius of half dollar in centimeters?

There are very many countries that use a dollar as its currency unit and have a half-dollar coin. You have not specified which country you mean and so it is not possible to give an answer.

What is the most valuable year for Liberty Bell half dollar?

If you mean a Franklin Half dollar the 1955 Philadelphia issue is the lowest mintage.

How much is a 1965-70 half dollar worth?

One late 1960s half dollar is currently worth about $5.

What object weighs about half of a gram?

Half of one US 1 Dollar Bill.