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equal parts of one whole
Divided by two or 50%.

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Q: What does one half mean?
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Related questions

What is mean by one-half teaspoon its half or one and half?

Its half.

What does 1.5 tsp baking powder mean?

That would be a teaspoon and a half. Essentially, one teaspoon and half of another. Not one or two, but one and a half.

What does 1 8Th in math mean?

It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half. It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half. It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half. It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half.

What does one half x plus x?

if one half means half then0.5x + 1x = 0.5xif you mean one and half then1.5x + 1x = 2.5x

Does 6.5 mean 6 and one half inches?

6.5 is 6 and one half if 6.5 is a measurement in inches, that is six and one half inches

What does one half and half mean?

Either 1 whole or three quarters

What does one half dollar mean?

1 half dollar is 50 cents.

What does aquaintences mean?

A person known to one, not closely as a friend or a foe it mean frenimies half friend, half enemy.

What does one -half cube mean?

It could mean a cube tat has been cut into a half so that it is a cuboid. Or, it could mean a cube, each of whose sides is half a unit.

What is the angle measure or degree for one half?

180 degrees, if you mean a half circle

Does 0.5 mean one half?


What does one-half dozen mean?


What does 1.5 mean in decimals?

One and a half.

What does non-sequiturtle mean?

It's not one-and-one half turtles.

One haif as a decimal?

I think you mean one half and it is 0.5

What does 1.5 mean in words?

One and a half. One and five tenths.

What does fair-headed mean?

Fair-headed is when one half of your head is nonsense and the other half is normal.

What does it mean to go halfers?

split the bill in half and each party pays one half of the total.

what is half a minute?

There are sixty(60)seconds in one(1) minat half minat mean thirty seconds(30).

What does 40 oz half and half mean?

The container has 20oz of one product and 20oz of another. Total two products total 40oz - so half is one and half is the other.

What does the saying one one one one one one another another another another another another mean?

6 of one, half a dozen of anotherSix of one and half a dozen of another.

What does half brother mean?

A half-brother (or half-sister) is one with whom you share only one parent, i.e. you have the same mother but different fathers or the same father but different mothers.

How much does 1 quarter mean?

One quarter means one fourth of something and you work it out by halving something twice half it half it again

What does the Russian word Polovinka mean in English?

One half

What does una y media mean in English?

One and a half.