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17/12 Is the answer.

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Q: What does one half plus one sixth plus three fourth equals?
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Related questions

What does two fourth equal?

One half, four eighths, three sixth, etc.

One fourth plus one fourth equals?

A half/one half.

What is equivalent to five tenths?

there are many things like one half, two fourth, three sixth and if you simplify all of them you get one half. So the answer is one half

How many sixth in a fourth?

one and a half(1.5)

Is fourth sixth equivalent to one third?

Take 4/6 and divide that by half... That equals to 2/3.. 2/3 does not equal to 1/3

What is negative one half to the fourth power?

Negative one half to the fourth power equals 0.0625

How does one half squared equal one fourth?

One half squared equals one fourth because when you multiply one half by one half you get one fourth. This is the equivalent of saying that half of one half is one fourth.

What is Adding one half plus one fourth equals?

3/4 - three-fourths - .75 - 75%

What is five sixth minus one half?

One half = three sixth, so the answer is two sixth.

Adding one half to one fourth equals?


What is half of three sixth?


How many sixth are in one half?

Three of them.

How many sticks of butter equal three fourth cup?

One stick, plus an additional half stick of butter equals three quarters cup.

One half plus one sixth equals?

1 whole

Two-thirds minus one half equals?


Which is greater one half or one fourth or one sixth or one eighth?

One half. Although one sixth is greater - than one eighth.

How many one -sixth are in one-half?


How many sixth is is one half?

[three sixths] are the same amount as [one half]

What is one-half plus one-fourth equals?


What is Eight and one half divided by one fourth equals?


One half of one fourth equals what fraction?

one eighth

What is three sixth in simplest form?

One Half

What is two and a half plus three fourths?

three and one fourth

What is half of three fourth pounds?

three eigths or 3/8

How many tablespoons is one and three fourth ounces?

Three and a half.