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no math knowledge here but I somehow feel as if in this case you would actually put a cap on infinity because of having subtracted 1 from it and therefore could not progress after that -1 somehow making it the number before infinity? Iโ€™m so wrong lol

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Ivander Ambriz

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โˆ™ 2021-01-03 01:00:35
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Duane Anymouse

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โˆ™ 2021-07-31 16:02:59

Infinity is a concept. It is not a number. In fact infinity connotes uncountable. So we cannot use it in mathematical equations of any kind.

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Q: What does one minus infinity equals?
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What is infinity minus one?


What is zero minus infinity?

minus infinity

What is the highest number besides infinity?

Infinity is a concept, not a number. Even if it were considered such, infinity plus one is also infinity, and so infinity minus one is still infinity.

What is the domain range and asymptote of gx equals 2 to the power of x minus 3?

The domain is (-infinity, infinity) The range is (-3, infinity) and the asymptote is y = -3

Do exponential functions have horizontal asymptotes?

Yes, to the left (towards minus infinity).Yes, to the left (towards minus infinity).Yes, to the left (towards minus infinity).Yes, to the left (towards minus infinity).

What is infinity divided by 5?

Infinity divided by any finite number is infinity. Here are the rules: 1. Infinity divided by a finite number is infinite (I / f = I); 2. Any finite number divided by infinity is a number infinitesimally larger than, but never equal to, zero (f / I = 1 / I); 3. Infinity divided by infinity is one (I / I = 1), or in fact any other positive number (I / I = and so on...); 4. Infinity multiplied by zero (no infinity) is zero (I * 0 = 0); 5. Infinity divided by a positive finite number is infinity (I / +f = I); 6. Infinity divided by a negative finite number is minus infinity (I / -f = -I); 7. Infinity divided by zero is not possible; 8. Infinity plus infinity is infinity (I + I = I); 9. Zero divided by infinity (nothing divided into infinity) equals zero (0 / I = 0); 10. Infinity plus a finite number is infinity (I + f = I); 11. Infinity minus a finite number is infinity (I - f = I); but 12. Infinity minus infinity, due to the nature of infinity, can be zero, infinity, or minus infinity (I - I = -I, 0, I).

What is critical thinking and data?

it is negative infinity minus one

Is infinity equal to minus 1?

technically, infinity is not a value and therefore cannot be defined as minus 1. There is a notion that infinity does not actually exist but only a human myth applied to those values larger than the human can calculate eg the size of the universe. Quoting Hawkins phrase "the universe stretches on infinitely" shows that infinity is not minus one. Therefore, infinity is not equal to minus 1.

What is 1 minus infinity?

Any specific number minus infinity is -∞ Note if you try to subtract infinity from infinity, the answer is undefined - because infinity is a "cardinality" rather than a specific number.

What is infinity minus one equal to?

infinity is any number but usually 27 it can always be alive and dead and it is a fish

What is a least whole number?

Your choice : one(1) or minus infinity.

What is one more than minus 5?

Minus five, plus one, equals minus four.

What is five one six minus one six equals?

five one six minus one six equals five zero zero

What is seven minus a negative six equals?

Seven minus a negative six equals a positive one

If a equals 3 and bequals minus 5 then a minus b equals?

If a equals 3 and b equals minus 5 then a minus b equals what

What is 427 minus 1?

427 minus one equals 426.

What is One gallon minus one quart equals?

One gallon minus one quart equals three quarts. There are four quarts in a gallon. It also equals 96 ounces. There are 128 ounces in a gallon and there are 32 ounces in a quart. 128 minus 32 equals 96.

What do one hundred minus one hundred minus one plus two equal to?

It equals 1

What is infinity take away 1?

As difficult as it is to understand, Infinity minus 1 is still Infinity.

Value of log 0?

the value of log0 is -infinity which is minus of infinity

What does a minus divide a minus equal?

Anything divided by itself equals one.

One divided by 0 equals infinity no?

The answers is 0.

What minus 6 equals 12?

What minus 6 equals 12 is 18

What number comes before infinite?

Infinity is an imaginary number so if you meant the previous whole number to infinity it would be expressed as infinity minus one. If you meant the highest number possible before reaching infinity is would be: infinity - 1/infinity

What is eight minus one and one ninths?

Eight minus one and one ninth equals six and eight ninths.

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