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1.5 x 10 = 15

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Q: What does one point five times 10 equals?
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What times what equals one hundred eighty five?

5 times 35 equals 185

What is six times seven plus eighty-nine point five?

One hundred and thirty one point five.

3 times what equals 16?

Five and one-third, or 5.3333333333333333333333

What is nought point five as a fraction?

It equals one half: 0.5=1/2

What times five equals one hundred twenty five?

The missing number - is 25.

What is the answer for 5 1?

There are a few answers you could get that involve the numbers five and one. Five plus 1 is six. five minus 1 is four, and five times one equals five.

What is eight times one point five?

8 x 1.5 = 12

How can you remember what pi equals and can you put it an a rhyme?

Remember this and you'll be fine Three point one four one five nine

What is five one six minus one six equals?

five one six minus one six equals five zero zero

One tenth times 13 equals what?

1.3 To get one 10th of anything, move the decimal point to the left.

What is 2 divided by 1 over 5?

If I am understanding your question correctly, the answer would be 10. One-fifth goes into 1 five times (five fifths equals one), and into 2 ten times.

One half times five?

one half plus one half equals 4/4ths or one whole