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A square metre is a measure of area not of volume. A block of lead, with an area of 1 square metre could be a few atoms thick or several metres thick. Their weights will differ considerably.

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Q: What does one square meter of lead weigh?
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How much does 1 square meter weigh?

You cannot weigh an area. Just as you cannot weigh a distance. (How much does one centimeter weigh?)

How much does 1 square meter of stainless steel weigh?

You cannot weigh an area, but you can weigh a volume... so, one cubic meter of stainless steel weighs 7480 - 8000 kg. See related link for the source.

Is one square meter or one square yard bigger?

One square meter!:)

One square meters is equal to how many square centimeters?

One square meter is one meter long by one meter wide, ie; two dimensional. One cubic meter is one meter long by one meter wide by one meter high, ie; three dimensional. So no, one square meter is not the same as one cubic meter.

How many square meter are in a cubic meter?

That doesn't make sense. Square meter is 2D. Cubic meter is 3D. To attempt to answer your question... A square meter is one meter long and one meter wide. A cubic meter is one meter long, one meter wide, and one meter tall.

1 cubic meter equal square meter?

No, One cubic meter is 1m3 One square meter is 1m2

How many square yards is in one square meter?

One square meter equals 1.196 square yards.

How many square milliliters are there in a square meter?

one million square mili meters in one square meter

How many square feet is equivalent to one square meter?

One square meter equates to 10.76391 square feet.

One meter square in to square feet?

1 square meter is 10.76391 square feet.

How much is a square meter in square yard?

One square meter = ~1.2 square yards.

What is the measure of a square meter?

Imagine a square box laying on the floor, and all the sides are one meter in length. You will have a square that is 1m^2 or one square meter.