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1/3 minus 1/2 is -1/6

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Q: What does one third minus one half equal?
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What is one minus one half and minus one third?

1 minus 1/2 minus 1/3 is equal to 0.166667

How is one sixth minus one third equal one third?

because they are equivalent fractions and 1/3 is half of 1/6

What is seven and one third minus three and one half fractions?

Seven and one third minus three and one half = 23/6 or 35/6

What is one half minus one third?

Three-sixths minus two-sixths is one-sixth.

What is one third minus five sixths?

Negative one half

Is one third equal to one half?


What does 1 minus one third equal?

Two thirds.

What is seven twelves minus one third equal?

a quarter :)

What does three fourths minus one half equal?

one forth

What two minus one and one half equal?


What is one third minus one sixth in a fraction formed answer?

I think that it is one half?

What is One half minus three eighteenths?

One half is nine eighteenths. Nine eighteenths minus three eighteenths is six eighteenths, which is also one third.

3 quarters minus 1 third?

One quarter and a half

What does seven and one half minus two and one fifth equal?

A number.

What is half minus one sixth?

(1 / 2) minus (1 / 6) = 0.3333333333Two sixths, or one third.

Are one half of half and one third of three quarters are equal?

Yes, they are are.

What does 3 3 fourths minus one half equal?


What is 6 minus one half equal to?

5 and 1/2

Minus 3 and one half divided by 2 and one third?


2 and 1 third minus 1 and a half equals?

one and one eighth

What is 9 and one third minus 2 and one half?

six and 5/6

What is 5 and one third minus 2 and one half?

2 and 5/6

What is three and one third minus one and five and five sixths?

1 and one half

What is one and a half minus one and a half?

One and a half minus one and a half is zero.

What is two third minus one twelves equal to?

2/3 minus 1/12 is 7/12.