What does overclock mean?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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To run a microprocessor faster than the speed for which it has been tested and approved.

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Q: What does overclock mean?
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Are old dell desktop motherboards overclock compatible?

It depends on what you mean by old. An old Dell desktop from way back in 2011 can probably be easily overclocked, but a recent Dell desktop from 2004 might be impossible to overclock.

What is the correct configuration management process to overclock my processor?

The correct configuration management process to overclock your processor is going into the BIOS settings, and increasing the power of the motherboard. This is the safest way as well to overclock.

How do you overclock just a CPU turbo?


can i overclock nvidea 840m gpu?

yes, you can

Is it better to overclock with a faster processor or a slow one?

If you have a fast processor and want it to go faster you should give it a try but i personally would not risk a new fast processor. with the slower one it may become a little bit faster with overclocking but only if it is capable. by fast you might mean new, it is usually easier to overclock with a newer processor because they usually have new features that make it easier to let you overclock. happy tweaking!

Can you overclock a Mac?

You can overclock it, bit you can't put a new board in. If it's one of the older Macs that used the motorola processors (g4, g5, etc), overclocking will require some soldering and other hardware mods. If it's an intel Mac, there are apps that will allow you to overclock.

How do you make graphics processing faster in graphics?

Overclock it.

How do you overclock geforce 8500GT?

You need an overclocking program to overclock your video card. I use RivaTuner for my 8800GTS and I haven't had any problems. Remember that overclocking will ruin your warranty.

How do you overclock geforce fx5500?

try ati-tool or rivatuner

How can i update your video graphics card without having to purchase one?

You can't "update" it, but you can overclock it. Overclocking is just running a component harder than it was made to. You might need to upgrade your power supply or fan depending on how much you overclock the card.,1916.html

How do you overclock a npu?

I take it you mean CPU. CPU Overclocking is typically done threw your motherboards BIOS, which can be accessed during the 1st stages of your computers start up.

How do you overclock a 6800 gt?

Try a program such as Ati-Tool or RivaTuner